Sunday, May 27, 2012

Artist on Art: Clarke on Fitz Henry Lane and William A. Ellwell

I repaired the box.  The glass is plexi, it is pitted, scratched with mildew stains.  the box lining is warped.  the posters continue to shrink.  the bottom was coming apart, i screwed it back together.  wiped off a crust of pollen and grime.  gave it a wash of slow set gilder's oil.  gave it a speed dry with the hot sun.  laid down aluminum leaf.  burnished the leaf to an almost hard tack (t?); rubbed in non oxidizing gold dust, light sipe with a milky tacky brush.  laid down more aluminum leaf.  inscribed sharpie drawing.  i saw the silhouette of gloucester in the leaf, then signed it.  one more burnish. done.  the only audience?  a man taking a deep lumbering nap on the rise behind me.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Artist on Art: Fitz Henry Lane Distressed

I've asked for this distressed poster via phone call to the museum today.  I don't know who maintains these scenic lookout venues.  I noticed this evening that the case is falling apart.  

stay tuned and best,

Fitz Henry Lane: Distressed

This poster is morphing into some interesting statements.  Maybe the city or museum will give me the poster to make more art; whenever, someone decides to update this visual tourist attraction.

photo:  copyright clarke 2012 gloucester ma


Walking in Gloucester May 24, 2012

These images from yesterday mornings walk satisfy me. Someday I may know how to paint like this.  Until then, these pics will stay in my files under the tag omg.  If I get some ink, I will print these out.

copyright clarke 2012 gloucester ma


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Walking in Gloucester: Orange

still walking, still clicking away with the camera.  set the camera to auto, no review, no second chances.  here;'s some more of Gloucester orange.


mandatory copyright  clarke 2012
gloucester ma

tag:  orange
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