Saturday, October 31, 2015

Debbie Clarke painting demonstration!

The wide view of the show. Clarke front and center.

I will give a painting demonstration next Sunday 11/8 at 4pm. It will be a limited palette gesture with oil, pastel and egg. demo is free, a suggested donation of $10 purchases a raffle ticket for an opportunity to win the demo piece. Seating is limited; so, get there early or call Flatrocks to reserve your seat! I'm looking forward to this.

best and onward.

Friday, October 23, 2015

See these NOW through Nov 15

Showing in gorgeous Lanesville MA. Take a trip along the shore
 to the light filled Flatrocks Gallery.

best always, onward, deb.

ps: I publish on facebook, if you have a fb account
you can see my public posts there.

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Head Keeps Moving

mid week, last week, I started an observational self 
portrait. below are the 3 stages over a few days.
aluminum leaf and drawing media on canvas
12x14" copyright clarke 2015
gloucester ma

above blocking in the big shapes. the head caught 
between two gestures. I kept changing my mind.

midway, open mouth? closed mouth? where's
the center? lift the head, place it upon a column.

final. changed dynamic to finish, registering
the shock of losing Suzy. ambient light.


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Chrome Orange

ChromeOrange is a standing self portrait, started last spring.
Above is the current state. Following are a few of the previous
states. Something kept bugging me. I finally have the figure
firmly planted on the floor and a fair resolution to the lower right.
The black chalk lines will change. It's not finished. I'll set it aside for
now. Paintings happen slowly and since I figure everything out on
the canvas, change is constant until it is signed.

This state could have worked; but the white chalk
bugged me, as well as the fight for space of the reds.

almost; except the painting kept dividing into two,
with a floor plane that wouldn't hold it's space. i loved
this state for about 2 hours.

Slip sliding away and feet of cement.This is where I put 
the brush down last spring. The color bugged me.

This block headed monk is where it all started.
Any one of the various states would have been 
fine. I'm not a millionaire, can you tell?

and onward.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Dirty Snow

Dirty Snow, a drawing. 12x14" on aluminum leaf on canvas.
copyright clarke 2015 gloucester ma

The snow is melting, turning dirty with the slow melt. Yesterday
I finally finished a drawing of the house up the hill after a long
winter of looking at it every day. Looks pretty simple; HAH! It
gave me a good work out. 

There is another canvas that is prepared with glare and aluminum
leaf. This morning's drawing will be this yellow house, again. The
house sold last fall. I had better have my visual say about this place
before the new owners move in and decide to paint it another color.

best and onward,
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