Monday, October 27, 2014

Ghost of Versailles re-grouping

Added a new few new colors to the palette:  manganese blue ad citron yellow.  The manganese blue is not a true manganese, which darkens to green, it is a pthalo blue mixed to the hue of manganese.  good in tints.  the citron yellow is a chrome or zinc yellow, not sure.  used to brighten ochre. raw umber:  a very dark yellow, burnt umber is the darkest yellow.  burnt sienna, the darkest orange, grumbacher red, a true red, neither blue, nor orange in tint or mixture. titanium white. french ultramarine dark.  i can bust out a lot of color with these babies.

This morning the grid was returned to, re-sized the masses, eliminated some stuff, beefed up the whites. This is the oddest painting I have ever worked on.  Still trying to live up to my potential.  

best, and onwards,

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ghost of Versailles..and Benjamin Franklin's balloon.

Yesterday Nova featured the making of Ben Franklin's balloon at Versaille.  Part of the program was about the colors that the were used to create King Louis' gold on a blue background.  There were very strict recipes.  The blue was a cobalt base, the golds were shades of ochre.  Very good...it confirmed my instincts about painting that gold tone.

This morning I've started introducing the deepest ochres.

My right hand likes to go fast with the brush.  The canvas is only 24x24" and I don't want sloppy drippy stuff going on all over the place.  It is very challenging for me as the right hand has an innate knowledge, and I keep saying, not yet, we'll save the best for last.

Below are various details of the painting, any of which, could stand alone as a painting. Sometimes I fall in love small sections of a painting and decide to rework an entire painting around that one small section.  Instead of starting another painting, or derailing the work in progress, the prints of these details get re-worked into monotypes.

best, and onward

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ghosts of Versailles

This is a work in progress, an oil painting of my friend Paula and I in the Hall of Mirrors, on the left, and a bunch of tourists.  The work is progressing slowly, I'm holding back on a heavy handed brush with this one.

Almost daily updates are updated on facebook.  I'm debbie.clarke.5011,
My daughter Elizabeth has asked me to start posting less on facebook and to
start blogging, so here I am. 

best, and onward

Friday, August 1, 2014

Perch with a View!

This morning I realized that there is an endless supply of figures
to reference, right outside my window!  The sidewalk 
widens directly across the street to the view of the Cripple Cove, all the
way to Magnolia.  Folk frequently stop to gawk, gab, admire, meditate.

This morning there was a woman that never stopped moving.

I kept trying to draw the landscape.  duh.  figures are more dyamic.

best and onward,

Monday, July 28, 2014

Ghost of Versailles.

it was hot, last summer.  the gardens, dusty, the winds out of Africa.  You have to see the Hall of Mirrors, You have to see the Hall of Mirrors.  We did. It was crowded.  It glittered.  We took pictures.  A document.  We were hot.  We were thirsty.  We sat at a dainty table.  ordered some polite afternoon refreshment.  Versailles closed.  I was within 30 feet of that brown giant of Napoleon taking the crown from the Pope. just 30 feet.  and I really wanted to see it.  to glean something.  Josephine, I had seen.  maybe that's all I needed to see.  I cried to Paula, I get it.  please, no more brown paintings.  Rubens had turned into a pasty bore.  My potato nosed lover was not a consolation.  Do not remember the Vermeer, other than to say 'it is very small.' and the walls were red.  or not.  too much, too much.

the photos haunt me.  how to turn this delicate drawing into a 'something' is on my mind.  

a tornado hit Revere this morning.  just a spit across the water.  

i was supposed to be drawing.  it is I.  and Paula.  and a bunch of ghosts...err..tourists.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Scent of Paint.

 my studio is in my kitchen.  the oil paint gets messy.  i have nearby
sheets of blotting paper to cover this up when i am done working for
the day.  i don't need inspiration to work.  i just work.  right now i'm
still working on the 22" square with the standing figure.  it's leaning 
against a gold verre eglomise of keys.  it's not finished.

this morning the scent of the paint was a bit heavy in the kitchen.
i took the paper off the palette.  got out the easel and started to work.
decided to take the figure off the center of the canvas.  re drawing,
trying to relate some color notes.  not too picky.  just trying to 
stay out of the center.

2 hours this morning brings me to this.  i will leave the set up for a bit.
go for a short walk.  have some lunch.  and start again.  i have six hours
to paint.  or stretch another canvas.  maybe both.

best, and onward.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cezanne Phase

It was '98 or '99 when Fred Kepler studied with me.  We both painted when he came for his lessons. My paintings were used as 'training' paintings that i used to demonstrate various techniques, color mixing, approaches to composition, etc. as the painting developed. The Cezanne phase painting above is the result of Fred's visits to the studio over an 8 week period.  

The still life above is 26x32" .  We  set the still life up in the cener of the floor under studio lights which were staggered warm/cool/warm/cool in overhead tracts.  Cezanne was the compositional reference.  I did not use Cezanne color theory in my work; I needed to learn how to use black and white gray.   That was my lesson.  Fred's lesson was composition with warm/cool color theory and drawing thrown in.  

Today Fred visits the world's great paintings with his dear Lenore.  I have seen some terrific paintings that he has done of Lenore, of other people standing in front of the masterpieces.  He has learned to teach himself by copying the best paintings, while sharing his love of art with his wife and having a great time.  He has even come to know the joy of selling some of his work!  

So glad I did not throw this painting away.  I was tempted to over the years, but some of those creases are just too awesome to not be admired.  oh, the braided rug is one of the Willis family treasures.  I sure hope I didn't get too much paint on that beauty.

best and onward,

i'm getting over a nasty head cold with the double whammy of seasonal allergies.  i've taken care of business today, and looked at my garden.  i'll have more energy tomorrow.  then, back to the paint.

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