Thursday, March 12, 2015

Chrome Orange

ChromeOrange is a standing self portrait, started last spring.
Above is the current state. Following are a few of the previous
states. Something kept bugging me. I finally have the figure
firmly planted on the floor and a fair resolution to the lower right.
The black chalk lines will change. It's not finished. I'll set it aside for
now. Paintings happen slowly and since I figure everything out on
the canvas, change is constant until it is signed.

This state could have worked; but the white chalk
bugged me, as well as the fight for space of the reds.

almost; except the painting kept dividing into two,
with a floor plane that wouldn't hold it's space. i loved
this state for about 2 hours.

Slip sliding away and feet of cement.This is where I put 
the brush down last spring. The color bugged me.

This block headed monk is where it all started.
Any one of the various states would have been 
fine. I'm not a millionaire, can you tell?

and onward.

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