Tuesday, February 19, 2008

google, google, googling, googling

business update:

my on-line marketing adventures continue through google. today i discovered my old business flagged on google maps, along with the Randomarts Studio (where i still have my studio). i up-dated my listing through the google map with all pertinent details and a picture of one of my fish paintings from the Cape Ann Historical Museum. the new debbie clarke studio flag will appear on the google map in about four weeks. very good.

google then suggested that i list my products in the google base.
i set up the base account.
now i can start listing items that i am selling for free. the listings will appear in google product search, as well as, google web search. the posting of items helps google improve google as it classifies all of the world's resources, including people.

the next step, before i start up-loading my items, is to determine the correct rich text attributes to use. looks like i need to spend some time poking around in the art products to find out how others are describing their work. if i can get it right my reverse glass work should show up along with queries for gold leaf.

i up-dated my artist profile on the blog to include a bit about my art, my inspiration, what i do. and the critical: all of my studio inventory is for sale. and commissions are considered.

i am too pooped right now to do anymore.
i work on my marketing every day (6 hour average). one day i want to get back to painting. but right now i really need to make some money. so, my art is made from whatever is at hand. the camera, the paperdolls.

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