Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Flint Public Library

15 children (age 8-15) will learn to draw next week at the Flint Public Library. I will teach them how to see via the drawing of the portrait.
Tomorrow I will go to the Art Supply and purchase 15 set-ups for children, 1 set-up for me:

Set-ups to include:

Masonite Backing Board
Good Quality Drawing Pad
Ebony Pencil
White Rubber Erasers

the size will have to be no larger than 18x24, and that might be too big. the room has tables. ugh. am thinking about how the children can spread out to work without keeping us all confined to a very tight cubicle. draw in the hallway? use windows as easels? chair set-ups will be better.

the library is in a cramped temporary location. the new addition is almost complete and the library will return home to its entire collection within the near future.

back to the space constraint,

chairs and hinged lapboards. very inexpensive to construct with tape and masonite boards. very good.

add tape (artist and duct) to list and large drawing pad for me.

4 hours to teach the construction of the head.

I asked the librarian to place 2 objects on her desk: a tennis ball and a square box, with this question:

What shape is the human head?
put the answers in the box.
sort of a guessing game, will read answers at class opening.

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