Saturday, May 22, 2010

The wip (work-in-progress): the in-between state

got a bit carried away with the tubes.  i'm not sure about the yellow green in the center.  will look again tomorrow.  now i gotta get cleaned up so i can go and listen to some music.  remind me to look at the tangents and straights, just in case i forget. ;P

best, deb.

ps:  the yellow boat is the 'dog and i' and that's 'trapper john' on the right.

and tomorrow we paint in St. Peter's Square 7-9am.  arrive by 6:30 to set up.


Kay said...

I know you have been struggling with htis painting but I really am liking this version..

jU said...

que lindo!
siempre es la misma persona ?

Debbie Clarke aka pbsage said...

yes jU, written by me, occasional references with pics to other artists, but mostly me, my words, my world, my art, my pics.