Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's summer time, so i'm doing my summertime thing

It's summertime and I'm not doing a lot of painting.  hot, humid, is understated.  this is turning into a summer of old friends.  following is a pic of me and my 8th grade girlfriends at the Madfish Grill on Rocky Neck last Sunday.  5 of us are within a 50 mile radius of Essex, one returns regularly from Alaska for a Cape Ann summer.  we haven't all been together for a long time, and we picked up just as then, as friends.

following is my dearest friend Laurie.  she is a bluegrass singer/musician/gardener extraordinaire.  we have been close friends since our 17th year.  love this woman. love her family.  if you want to buy her music, she is on cd baby.  Laurie Keefe.  her bluegrass band is "Old Cold Tater".  when i first heard music in her house, i knew i always had to have music in my life, and musicians in my home.  and that is the way it is.  

and following is the Mill River, with a turning tide.  Laurie swam, I waded, we talked.  and wished the guy in the kayak would have shut up.

my posts will be sporadic.  i am researching family history, trying to decide whether to write it or paint/sculpt it.  and i'm researching portland cement applications.  i have a bunch of 19th/18th century porcelain and glass bottles.  and i want to cast some leaves. 

enjoy your summer.  summer on cape ann is a jewel, i must enjoy it.  and I will go to the Beauport Museum this summer!  Do you know I have never been there.

oh, one more thing, i'm still working at bananas, following is my eb keeping me in line on a very busy hot, humid, understated Fiesta Friday.  Viva San Pietro!


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