Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Work!

12x16" drawing: chalk, oil, graphite on canvas
copyright debbie clarke 2010
gloucester ma
The standing figure, again.. new work will be exhibited and offered for sale at Randomarts, 25 lexington ave, magnolia ma during the month of December. I will install the work next sunday, monday, tuesday. for additional information about the Randomarts Gallery and studios their link is in the sidebar under other places. if the address is familiar, it is the location of my former art studio 25. my life inventory is in the attic of the gallery (now owned by artist/life friend Katy Somers). I will show new work, old work. There will be free work, cheap work, paper work, mixed media, reverse glass, oils, self portraits, experiments, etc. and some very good high end offerings. look for my big boy fish! he will be in the show. I will be at the gallery 3-7 or so Sunday, Monday, Tuesdays beginning November 21 through December to greet visitors and friends. stop by if you're in the area. light refreshments available.