Saturday, January 29, 2011

from the archives: Model in the Studio copyright 1997

I think this is Brenda Tredwell. She was my model and studio assistant for several years. This drawing is turpentine wash on acid free paper. Use blotter paper or absorbant cardboard as a palette, this will reduce the linseed oil. The reverse of this drawing has one small bleedthrough, with no sign of decomp. This drawing pleases me.
Brenda grew up on Monhegan. Her hair flames. She calls herself a rock rat. She modeled for Jamie Wyeth. I recognized her knees and hair that matched the color of Jamie's 'burn barrel'.


Kay said...

wow..neat drawing..great provenance too! I met Jamie last year..Salt Lake City Art Center had a show of his Seven Deadly Sins series of seagulls. Jamie came and gave a talk and we got to meet him. He seemed a genuine, interesting man.

Debbie Clarke aka pbsage said...

thank you kay! i was never sure if i got the story straight and then i saw this huge tempera painting of a girl at a burn barrel. my first response was brenda! then, ah, yes. very impressed with his free use of tempera on cardboards and paper.

Keith said...

Great pose. And great line weight.

And it has a fracturedness emphasised by the fridge magnet words around it. Neat.

Loving your work here.

Debbie Clarke aka pbsage said...

thank you for taking the time to look and leave a comment Keith. always appreciate hearing from folk.

interesting thought about the fracturedness...never thought of it that way.

i tend to see/experience a journey through space with a line describing the journey.

yes, it is a great pose. brenda was a terrific model in that 'she' disappeared into her poses, much different from the formal portraits i did of her. somewhere i have a glass painting of her, with a huge crack in it. i reconstructed the work, and it expresses exactly where she was at the time...really putting herself back together physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.

enjoyed looking at your pics this morning.


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good drawing,