Tuesday, April 12, 2011

gifts for a personal puja

Lakshmi, a gift from Richard.  dotted with red, is heavy with use.  the stone heart has many vistas and faces; from my sister Jeri.  she was here briefly for a funeral.  she crashed on our couch.  it was sweet sleeping on the other couch with her near me and my brother mike and my david asleep  in the upstairs' bedrooms.  for a bit we dreamed together. remembrances of childhood when jeri shared a bed with linda and me.  jeri in the middle. 

 then, on Sunday, we got to shop in Cambridge at Shalimar, after eb's 'josh' made us waffles for breakfast (yes, we were early!) at their place in Allston.

found this puja pack for a very reasonable $3.99

 the contents.  seeds, nuts, spice, wicking, rock cand, lakshmi string, tumeric, candy, honey. this is 'non-edible' and for ritual use only.  "The Family"  Siva, Parvati and Krsna has a sacred holiday calendar on the reverse. 

one last view because i think it so pretty.  is it okay to use these in art?  i'm particularly interested in using the dye and the tumeric.  have been told that grinding the tumeric and applying it to my face is what i should do.  the lakshmi string?  can i take it apart?  do i have friends tie it to my wrist in a mala? or do i put it in the art?

Oh, if you are in Central Square, here the link to Shalimar.  


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