Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hopskipping through Social Media

If you click the title, it should take you to goodmorninggloucester wherein a discussion about art is going on. 

This all started from my Facebook Friend Paula's link to a video share about art; which I then shared through my  wall.  I then posted the link on Paul Frontiero's Facebook wall, with a suggestion to post it on goodmorninggloucester.  Paul posted the Creature Comfort's video with a question to consider art, thus the discussion thread.  I love the irreverent ending of this video.  

I will now tweet this message.  I don't use twitter often, but would love to see where this post goes. looking forward to seeing where this post gets shared to whether twitter, gmg, facebook, your blog, your friends.

My contribution to the art discussion on goodmorninggloucester is about art as an energy exchange.  This idea was first presented to me through the writings of American artist Audrey Flack.  This little book has been a studio companion for 20 years.  always recommended to my students and artist friends.  She covers vast territory of contemporary art thought, process, the market place, the national juries.  always thought-provoking.  "not everyone can be in New York.  there is a place for regionalism."

more true today, than when American regionalism was the rage.

happy travels post! time for a game of Hop, Skip and Jump!
best, deb.


Kay said...

I will have to look up the Audrey Flack book. I had seen this video before! So funny and real!

Debbie Clarke aka pbsage said...

oh, do get the book! just click on the amazon link on my page to get it. it is a great studio companion, keeps it straight: there is art, then there is art thought and then there is the business. she rallies: if you have to give, give, but keep the art. and don't buy into the tragic artist thing. if the art gets in the way of your life, give up the art, keep the life. she's my art sage.