Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rainy Day Studio

this is my little red chair, the subject of many drawings.  sat in it when i was wee,  still use it to sit upon, and observe it through my hands and eyes from time to time.  32x44", a beginning.  greek keys and french curves are my favorite way to travel through complicated visual data. chalk on unprimed canvas.  will add gesso as needed, maybe not, may seal the chalk with egg yolk and move onto another one.  i have plenty of canvas.  if i seal this work, i can take it off the stretcher, roll it up, then stretch another drawing surface.
here's my observational reference.  for many of my training years, i was training my hand to follow my eye.  it has become so intuitive that i now find my hand instructing my eye where to go.  very interesting change of view point.  the drawing becomes a record of my experience of moving through space with eye, hand, body.  an inner sounding happens.



oil painting clean colors said...

I like your blog! The little red chair is a great subject!

Debbie Clarke aka pbsage said...

thank you! i appreciate you taking the time to leave your note. the chair is a great subject.


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