Saturday, July 9, 2011

faces i remember: new work-in-progress. Marilyn's Drawing Board

mixed media on laminated fiberboard.  a palimpsest.  Marilyn Buckles, an artist friend of blessed memory, gave me this drawing board to work on.  She had used it as a drawing support for several years, then I used it as a drawing/painting support for a decade or so.  Yesterday the memory of the plant series that we worked upon, together/apart led me to consider drawing.  This I did while all of our art conversations, visits flowed through me.  A figure emerged:  Marilyn at 3 and !/2 ' (a glass drawing of Marilyn advancing towards me.  her exact shape drawn upon the front of the glass, the exact size she appeared as i stood 2 feet in front of the glass, while marilyn stood 3 1/2 ' behind it.)  the painting broke.  i kept the shards.  after the memory moved through me, the marsh paintings appeared, dissolved, then the face began to emerge.  Marilyn's remembered words:  it is everything.  it is the surface, it is upon it, it is in it, it is object.  it is just everything.  yellow light fills the south window where we last met. 


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