Saturday, November 5, 2011

are you a naked painter?

I laugh everytime this search term shows up with a landing on my blog:  nude painters in gloucester ma.
Do you paint in the nude?  I haven't gotten naked to paint in years; however, everytime I place my work before the public I feel naked.  exposed.  there's an inner cringe of. ohno, here we go again.  then wait for the tomatoes and eggs to get thrown.

a runic comment is the most hateful i have ever received:  Rubbish from Hell, and other Feminist Bullshit!  damn right!  made me laugh.

the offer stands:  if you desire a painting of a nude figure, I can do this!  just let me know what you want.


ps:  Great Name for a Show or an Artist's Group:  The Naked Painters.

check out the google query for The Naked Painters (there is a nudist group!)

Google Search 11/5/11 for The Naked Painters


Bruce Barone said...

Great title!!!

Debbie Clarke aka pbsage said...

anything with naked in it usually grabs someones attention! lol!

thanks for the comment.

Kay said...

well to be honest..I am not sure the spectacle of my nakedness would enhance my painting one bit!!! Kind of like seeing bikers in spandex..information no one needs!!! Just the same..made me giggle.

Debbie Clarke aka pbsage said...

LOL KAY! makes me laugh too.
although sometimes i think that if i didn't have clothes in the way to drag through the paint, i might have a bit easier going in the making. but the process would definitely be 'my eyes only'!

the most naked paintings i have ever seen are the ones that art students did of me when i modeled for classes at the art institute.

the memory alone makes me cringe and turn red!