Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Picasso paraphrase:  'i get so full of green that i must paint green.'
Debbie Clarke: have observed fish for so long that i now see fish in the landscape. 

Green.  is the first in a series of digital photos that i have been taking during my walks, drives around Gloucester.  This green is somewhere along a walk from Main Street to East Main.  There are so many beautiful scenes around Cape Ann, the web is full of the beauty.  some of it breathtakingly beautiful, some manipulated, some 'artsy'.  Viewed collectively I feel as if I have eaten too much cotton candy.  I've decided to let my camera capture my world from another angle.  it's all set on auto, because i don't understand all of the adjustments, nor do i want to.  i have discovered the ease with which i can zoom in on something.  the camera is so smart, it sees the world in compositions that i immediately respond to.

i trust you will too.


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