Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We called him "Fat Boy"

We had a 30 gallon community aquarium for quite a few years where this rare blue faced cichlid  grew to 10 inches or so by eating most of the other fish in the tank.  He consumed tetras, angel fish, silver dollars, guppies, zebras...he left the pleco alone...he ate the 5 inch crayfish too!  The painting of the cichlid known as "Fatboy" to us was completed in 1995, just before I turned my full time attention to glass commissions.  The media:  oil on portrait linen with metal leaf and irridescent mylar.  pentimento from the still life of pears and florals and dishes is evident, along with some crackling issues from scrapedowns.  the crackled layer is very thin, the underpaint is firmly attached to the substrate and in good condition.  the linen came from an endroll, unfortunately there is regular bleed through to the back of the linen.  the bleed is limited to the tack holes where it was attached to the loom.  

Fatboy was on display at The Bookstore of Gloucester for quite a few years.  He is missed; but their walls are full.  Janice has asked for cards.  my good friend K'esty has provided me with the photo.  I will upload it to my FineArtsAmerica site and make it available for sale as cards.

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best to you


Mick said...

Just came across your 5 Figures in David Robinson's gallery. Haunting. Beautiful. Congratulations! Mick

debbie clarke said...

thank you for taking the time to look and your kind words. i forgot about that painting.