Thursday, January 10, 2008

bananas, a dead rat, perfume and numbers

the store still carries the underlying musk of dead rat. yuck. two days working (yesterday and today) and my head is full of the stench. it's not real strong anymore, yet the scent becomes cumulative. it is a too strong attar, as civet and hungarian rose (while the best for long term under notes in perfumes) are a sickening aroma in pure attar. we keep burning incense heavy in sandalwood. it is making the musk darker. tried lavendar, it bites the nose, lemon too sweet, frankencense, too heady.

any ideas? i kept the door open today until it got too chill. my friend Sue suggested cooking tomato soup in the space.

and my head is full of pages and pages and pages of numbers. inventory time. the gray matter still chunks away at numbers like the pro i used to be when determining co-pays during my years as an insurance underwriter.


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