Tuesday, January 15, 2008

To meet and then Exceed my Own Expectations

Today I finally loaded some artwork onto my Saatchi Gallery site. This is the beginning. I plan to sell off all of my artwork. One of my marketing plans is to make my name synonymous with my nom de plume: pbsage. Pbsage is a unique identity that consistently appears with my work on the internet. A query of my real name Debbie Clarke hits way too many sites with Clark's, Debbie's, Debra's, Deborah's, many countries. pbsage is synonymous with just me. Debbie Clarke in Gloucester MA.

here's another artwork:

This approximately 18x20, oil on canvas. Completed 2006.
I like this painting alot. It has retinal memory, as well as, word associations. the soup tureen is more important to me than the painting. This painting is one of many that I could do of the soup tureen. The tureen is one unto itself, with it's own story. The tureen was scouped up at a church fair 10 or so years ago. It's ladel appeared with a big red ribbon as a Christmas present from one of my church school students. The tureen was then put to use as a teaching guide for my drawing students. I did 15 or so studies of this and many, many, teaching drawings. There are only a few left.

This painting will be priced at $1300. If someone wants to buy the tureen with the accompanying provenance, along with the painting, the price will be $4000. Why? Because part of my muse's livelihood will be taken from me.

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