Sunday, March 7, 2010

How to Paint A Chair, a work in progress, thoughts on painting and Big Images!

click the image for a REALLY BIG image!

"Art is really a battlefield.  Only when he no longer knows what he is doing, does the painter do good things."
Edgar Degas, French Impressionist

and some music that I want for my studio archive:  Sade.  have always loved her work, and 'soldiers of art' are 'soldiers of love', in that if you are called to make art, you will make art for a very demanding mistress.  a lover that will have no one between, that will wake you when you want sleep, that will delay you when you have appointments, that will make you not feel 'well'  when you are not dancing with the muse.  and muse seems too nice a word. dancing with a muse is  neither romantic nor poetic.  it is a hungry ghost in need of a door into this realm of reality. and when she truly decides to dance with, then through you, it is better than an orgasm.

 the muse doesn't dance every day, she is fickle in her love, and never obediant.  i spend most of my days in the practice of seeing and drawing, so my hands, eyes, and heart are ready, whenever she decides to come, because that is her nature.

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Kay said...

I love what you said about the muse..likening making art to a battlefield is true for me. Everyone says "aren't you lucky to do what you love" I have news..there is no real love..maybe loving the smell of paint and turps, loving the object to be husband says "go to the studio and relax" little he understands that there is no relaxation in painting..if he knew how anguished I become, how stopped I feel, How really crazy it makes me..well, he would never choose to do it!!! I love the way you write..and I love blue chairs..I have a few paintings I have done with chairs (blue). They are really evocative subjects.