Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Refrigerator Bio 2

continuing the idea of a refrigerator bio, inspired by my friend Chan's 'life bio'. i've tried to incorporate fred's constructive criticism: hold the camera still, add more light. critique/comments are welcomed! i would love to see what's on your fridge, if you care to share. best, deb


Kenny MacCarthy said...

What a great idea. Will make one and send it on. Your's and Joey's are terrific. Don'cha love makin' movies?

Rondell said...

I like to keep it simple, sista. I only got the Taco Tico, Cici Pizza, Franny Fish-N-Fry, Outback Steakhouse, Harvey's, Chili's, Papa John's, Red Lobster, Back Yard Burgers, Bonanza Steakhouse and Stakeout, Bar-B-Q by Jim LLC, Waffle House, Fatima's Frito and Meat Pies, and Salad Creations (for something light) takeout menus up on my fridge. Those and lil' Junebug's precious art projects and post-its that remind me that I'm beautiful and to love each day like Jesus.