Friday, September 17, 2010

some downtime

downtime from on-line doings, from the compulsion to 'make'.  i've been looking at a lot of my work, moving it around.  sent a painting off to hang at the Windemere Gallery of Arts and Antiques in Rockport.  It's a fairly large panel for me, 4x5' or so.  it's an oil of a milky magnolia harbor with some dinghies and the pier in the back. maybe i posted a picture of it already?   have sent some work upstairs to storage.  replenished my blocks of charcoal.  have located the black pigment.  have some eggs and paper.

all of my brushes are clean.

and i don't want to paint.  i've packed the oils away.

i have 2 reverse glass paintings to finish.  one is a double sided Our Lady of the Lilies.  the other is of 2 lobster boats, the Dog and I and it's gray neighbor at the dock.  and i have 2 completed reverse glass paintings to frame:  sockeye salmon and The Chorus Line.  will finish framing the Chorus Line first, then it can go to the Windemere to join it's companion "5 Stand".

this is my vacation time until next wednesday.  have done a lot of housecleaning, still have more to do.

but, first to finish, then to draw.

and walk, and read and take a civilized nap or two.

have a few video thoughts too.

later and best,

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Cape Ann Painter said...

Your just going to leave "me" on the floor? And who are you going to throw the eggs at?