Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the work continues: the wip: if their mothers knew

this is the 38x42" canvas that i started earlier this summer.  it has been turned to the wall and moved around until i was ready to deal with it.  this past monday i washed the image down with the thought to define an aluminum field.  not yet.  this painting/drawing is at an interesting stage:  it can go in many directions.  i just don't know which interests me most:  the juxtaposition of absurdly small and absurdly large figures with a mixed up perspective, or do i refine larger torso shapes, the three graces, and leave all the other references to resolve within a few simpler shapes.  the painting is warmer than this photo suggests.  might be time to get a new camera.  best, deb

ps:  i will look at some altar paintings.  somehow those venetian painters managed to make us believe giants dwelt among us and stood on the heads of the prominent citizens.  really, those paintings crack me up hmmmm...

how swiftly the object of my visual affection changes.  art is a fickle lover.

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