Thursday, March 31, 2011

now, a word from this sponser

Anne. R. Allen's Blog has several recent posts about blogging.  She has several useful tips; such as, PUT YOUR NAME IN YOUR BLOG TITLE!  Duh, I forgot the difference between blogging and journaling.  So, I promptly incorporated my name into the title.  Did you notice the difference?

lots of commonsense stuff.  not rules, just the lay of the land for those of you that are just starting out in the blogging world.

and my new friend Anne is not a facebooker.  i am.  her post about blogging came to my attention through a link to her blog by my good, longtime 'virtual' and real friend Kathleen Valentine.  She is a writer, designer, fabric/thread/yarn wiz.  get to know her too!

Kathleen Valentine's Blog


and now, i will try to upload a clunky video of my butt planted in a chair, drawing the view this morning.


Anne R. Allen said...


Actually, I am on Facebook. Just don't like it very much. But I just read that we can now change our "profile" pages to one of those "like" pages and not lose our "friends." A big plus. Anyway, I'll friend you when I get a chance.

Kathleen is great. Her link to my blog got me some buzz. I'm always grateful for a link.

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