Friday, March 11, 2011

Temporary Space

I will be teaching in the large common area of CABI (Cape Ann Business Initiative). 15 people can work comfortably in the room There are large walls to work on. There is a long hallway with big walls.

Days available for classes/critiques/independant work space: Sunday, all day and evening. tues/thursday nights.

evening drawing classes: 6:30 - 9pm. $35
beginner-advanced. This is drawing 101

sunday: $100 independant study, critiques, directed 5 hour focus, drawing marathon. 10am-3pm

enrollment by portfolio only.
portfolio review: $25 non-refundable. $15 towards material fee of $25.

hmmm...complicated. okay, this is my first draft.

first edit: learn to draw, learn to 'see'. what does the eye really see? how does the eye perceive space? how do we train the hand to follow the eye? learn to see as an artist by learning the common language of visual art: drawing. our journey will be guided by a simple question: what is drawing? informed by an earlier Drawing Center of New York definition circa 1978 "a drawing is anything made on or out of paper".

how am i doing?



Kay said...

Sounds good! I am thinking of teaching drawing and innovative watercolor and mixed media classes. I am hoping I can rent a space in the old city building down the street for some evening classes..tired of looking for a job job! You are inspiring me to stick with what I do

Debbie Clarke aka pbsage said...

kay do it! find a space you can rent hourly to teach in. does your public library, or a church have a space you could use?