Saturday, April 26, 2014

Highlights of the first quarter 2014

therapy for a broken wrist.

fell on the ice in February

verre eglomise with LUXX make up for color

small detail, a self portrait verre eglomise/mixed media

LUXX detail

5x5" idea panel 

a face i remember

hello deb.

fairies came out to play.

we had a baby shower for my grandbaby that is due May 14. 
 Elizabeth is a gorgeous Madonna Mama.


decided to finish this.  Hakim's or this is how it was when i worked in the bazaar. 38x42"
following pics are the progress


I fell on the ice in February while trying to get into the handicap access to a crosswalk in the West End of Gloucester. I'm 10 weeks into the healing process. Lost my job in March.  So, I'm looking for work, healing my wrist, and painting.  The standing figure is the painting i have dedicated to the healing of my left wrist.  sticking to the academics, not trying to be fancy or artistic.  i just want my hands to follow my eyes and maybe make a good painting in the process.  i have already changed the gesture from what you see in the last image.  

i will be updating with my weekly progress with job searches, grant applications.  if not here, at least to unemployment.  i'm looking at the Krasner/Pollack grant.  I can't afford art supplies.


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