Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Studio closed for maintenance today

i did not paint.  today was a looking day, a doing day: some laundry, some kitchen pick up, other general pick up, personal maintenance, some more looking.   the air is soggy, yesterday's paint film is gummy.  i need some damar, and the good smelling air turp in the green can, this acid that i'm working with really gets in the way  today was a gray bright day, for lazy reading, light napping, light tapping of the keys.  today was a day to make some broth, to do fill in shopping and smiling at new folk at the market.  

oh, and i felt these steps to the low tide today.  maybe one day i will paint it.  i don't know.  it is difficult.  the boat/harbor thing must be a calling that i don't respond to.  so why do i stay here, doing this contrary art?  it's my hometown.  there are very few figure painters here.  maybe i should focus on that.  maybe not.  oh, here are the steps to the black mud:

the bottom is 30 or 40 feet below my perch.  it is a really deep place. so boxy.

tomorrow, onward, paint.


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