Monday, December 10, 2007

Blogging on Blogspot

I have tweaked the site a bit. Working this site is a clumsy experience.
The dashboard should be user friendly, but it is not as friendly as lj. The blogger community here is hard to find. Links time out after leading one down many, many links trying to get something accomplished. I am jumping all over the place trying to publish this damn thing. Trying to connect all of the dots. One part of this site wants more personal info. The link doesn't work. Well, technically it starts to work, but pings out flat. Ugh. Channel? Create a channel to track my stuff. Then it's all gobbledy gook. It should just be straight forward pop-up window, after all, google has all of the source material. I will have to come back another day. For now, something is up.

My brilliant idea of the day, as I am trying like mad to get myself out there in the electronic world:

There should be something on the web that is like a business card where one can give all of their personal electronic blab (no, not your ss#, your mother's maiden name) i mean the farflung electronic blips. i don't know about you, but my business card has all kinds of crap that I print out on an as needed basis with a variety of these: my email, my studio address, my cell phone, my photobucket address, my lj account, my home address, my gallery website, my youtube address, my banana's number. I know that homepages and webpages can contain all of these things. The universal search engines do not pick up and link all of these details. Some sort of electronic info card, in a data base somewhere, with the pertinent detail links; would go a long, long, way to help folk connect, find the peeps they want to find.

If I was really brilliant and had the know how I would make a site on the web for just this purpose. Maybe I will make a blog for just such a thing and include a websearch tool.


If you take this idea and get there before me and make a truck load of money with this idea, all I ask is that you at least consider me with a healthy gratuity.

well, maybe i will get there before you.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

haskell st

here's another short shot.
the truck's driver's side upper ball jointsbroke yesterday. they were just replaced in september. ugh. david will take care of this on monday.

since i can't get to the studio, i make my art with whatever is at hand.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

rainbow over rocky neck

david and i have been collaborating on videos. he composes the music, and in this case, the video. i am the video 'assit' on this one. i should be credited as the expert on this one, and as the expert i say: spell check, spell check, spell check.

i like the music.