Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Sketchbook Project

here's my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project.  Beginning to end.  it is ready to go.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Randomarts After Dark

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Here's the view when the sun goes down. twinkle, twinkle, little star...i wish i may, i wish i might...bring some folk down next Sunday 3-5 to enjoy the sight!

Randomarts Dec 2010

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Took this flash pic before I left the gallery tonight. It is a tight space, jam-packed with work. This is one small section. There is a lot more.

The reception yesterday was a washout. Pelting cold rain and wind. David and I drank some wine and ate a lot of cheese/crackers. My friend Paul Frontiero from www.goodmorninggloucester.com stopped by, took some pictures and David bent his ear for a bit.

Reception Redux next Sunday 3-5.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Artist on Art

xmasshowrndrt2 008
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that's artist Deb Clarke's reflection on the Randomarts window in beautiful, quiet , Lexington Ave. downtown Magnolia, MA. the artwork is by Deb Clarke, except the crying seagulls; which is a postcard by artist Kate Somers.

reception Sunday December 12. 5-8ish.
drop in and say hello, share some cheer. (usual artist offerings: wine and cheese)

artist in residence Sunday-Monday 1-5/6/7ish throughout December
for private viewing:  978-652-8273


Monday, December 6, 2010

Installing the Work

xmasshowrndrt2 005
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I'm installing artwork at The Randomarts Gallery at 25 Lexington Ave in Magnolia. the work will be up through the end of December. planning a reception for Sunday December 12. I'll be there at 1, but the wine, cheese and cracker event will be 5-7/8ish. If you are in the area, please stop in. The place will be crammed with work from my extensive inventory. maybe some art school goodies. who know. I have started a free box.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nude Painters in Gloucester!

checking out search terms that land on my blog.  this one caught my attention:  nude painters in gloucester ma.  roflmao over this one!  haven't seen any nude painters lately, although i often feel naked when i am painting, have not taken my clothes off to paint in the nude.  yet.  maybe soon.  if i can find a warm private studio.  oh.  i have done some nude self portraits, a long time ago.  i'm so naked in them, they embarrass me.  just a few paintings, a drawing or two, with issues connecting the head to the body.

back to nudes.  if someone wants a nude painting, i can do this.  do i want to?  if the price is right.  i will paint whatever you desire. 


ps:  today i teach little fingers to fold origami.  then i go to the Randomarts Gallery and put wires on my paintings.  re-hang the show.  going for critical mass.  must remember to leave room for peeps (i have a lot of work to share/unload).  there will be a free pile for those that wish to get something for nothing.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Randomarts Show

This is what I accomplished yesterday at Randomarts in Magnolia.  Today I will re-hang and adjust the lights.  the wall space gets smaller and smaller everytime I look at my work.  the backwall has my 'new' work:  the drawings from this past year.  need to get some putty to keep some of the work from 'moving' on the wall.  small detail of my favorite work follows.

4 mixed media 'drawings' with oil and leaf on 5x5" panels.  definitely need sticky putty to keep these from wobbling.  selling all work unframed.  folk can spend as much money or not on frames.  and get the art at a very affordable price.  these panels will be under a hundred.  still working out prices.

best to all,

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Work!

12x16" drawing: chalk, oil, graphite on canvas
copyright debbie clarke 2010
gloucester ma
The standing figure, again.. new work will be exhibited and offered for sale at Randomarts, 25 lexington ave, magnolia ma during the month of December. I will install the work next sunday, monday, tuesday. for additional information about the Randomarts Gallery and studios their link is in the sidebar under other places. if the address is familiar, it is the location of my former art studio 25. my life inventory is in the attic of the gallery (now owned by artist/life friend Katy Somers). I will show new work, old work. There will be free work, cheap work, paper work, mixed media, reverse glass, oils, self portraits, experiments, etc. and some very good high end offerings. look for my big boy fish! he will be in the show. I will be at the gallery 3-7 or so Sunday, Monday, Tuesdays beginning November 21 through December to greet visitors and friends. stop by if you're in the area. light refreshments available.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

my visit to The Cape Ann Museum

I received a note from The Cape Ann Museum last week: 

"To Gather Together and Keep these Bonds:  Highlights from the Permanent Collection", includes one of your works.

I knew the museum was showing Bruce Hermann's new works and wanted to see them, so I went to the museum on Saturday afternoon.  Bruce's new works are about his experience living on Walker Creek, a response to time, change, landscape.  The paintings contain lots of gold and silver leaf with oil/alkyd.  Bright, light, blond paintings.  My retinal memory is of no specific work.  The show is dominated by a large standing rear view nude, this I had a negative response to.  What struck me about his work? The gold leaf panels, which I read as breaks, frames for other more 'painterly' works.  I saw the panels of leaf and thought 'he did it', he left the gilded panels 'alone'.  other panels, were sanded, scraped back leaving ghosts.

These panels reminded me of work that I have done over the years.  I had a whole wall of 180 small gilded panels, paintings that I distressed, washed, scraped, sanded, still have some, some are re-worked.  and there were a few years of just placing gild on panels with no further ornamentation.  I enjoyed the reflective panels, thought they were 'pretty good', but never took them seriously.  part of my lack of conviction was that the response from others was 'bland'.  so I moved on.  oh, well.  time, place, sleepy magnolia, who the hell will see and who the hell cares?  movement, change, move on.

Next stop the permanent collection, but before I go there, I had to stop in the drawing gallery.  George Demetrios drawings!  with my favorite drawings of the head for his sculpture that is in the museum's courtyard.  I will go back to look again.  Such a gift to see these drawings after a long time of not seeing any of his drawings. 

Then the permanent collection and on the far wall, directly in front of me, beyond various 'very good' landscapes, still lifes, watercolors, oils,  on the upper right a small drawing that I had to see.  The vibration drew me to it. What is that?  Oh!  Surpirse, it's me!  a small self portrait in reverse glass with aluminum, silver leaf circa 1995.  The work has held up very well.  My immediate response was:  I really thought I was a 'hot shit' artist then.  Lots of confidence in the work, and the drawing is pretty good.  just wish the pink brown hadn't blobbed on one eye.  oh, well.

I write this to let you know that I am very egocentric about my art.  It catches me off guard.  There are many times I go to art shows, museums and find nothing that 'grabs' me, so I visit with my old familiars.  gothic icons, Tintoretto, Cimabue, reliquaries.  I can appreciate what other artists do, what has come before.  and I wonder about this 'yearning' in my gut for the works of other artists to 'speak' to me.  what is it?  It's the vibration, the energy. and the vibration I respond to is in my work, the yearning is for my work, it's what I do.  so I am left with the certainty that the only place this yearning will ever settle, is in my studio, in my process.

Have you ever walked into a room where an art work has so totally caught your attention that you immediately ask "Who did that?  It is fantastic!".  Then your question is answered with "You did!"  "I did?, I don't remember doing it."  but, there's my signature, so I must have.  What a gift, to see my work removed from my ego, just to be re-introduced to myself. 

If you are an artist, may you have this gift from the universe, to be re-introduced to yourself.  Has this happened to you?  are you a bit egocentric in your art?  If not, you should be, it keeps the terrors at bay.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Paint this too!

2 small drawings from sketchbook.  1x1.5"  with color key:  RV=redviolet, BG=blue green, YG=yellow green, ochre=ochre

re-create any size you want in whatever materials you desire.  if you want to understand my artist thought, and you know you do, do this.  send me the results and i will post them here, along with your pertinent information, link, or not.

paint this too:  concept debbie clarke, gloucester ma november 7, 2010. all rights reserved

Friday, November 5, 2010

Paint this

BV=blue violet
RV=red violet
RO=red orange
YO=yellow orange
YG=yellow green

very small drawings.  the drawing on the left is 1.5"x2.5".  the drawing on the right is 1"x1.5".  the shapes are given to you.  the color key is given.  the values are not.  paint this.  in any size you want. this is how i see.  i want to see how you see.  send me your solutions.

 i'm cleaning out my sketchbooks.  sorting the entries into categories:  time, line drawing, color, self portrait, grocery list, miscellaneous notes, business.  no peeking.  in due time.

in your time, send me your solutions, i will post them here, along with a note about you, link to your blog, etc.

all rights to this concept are reserved, except you own the copyright to the work you execute based on these instructions.  should you choose to exhibit work based on these instructions, the concept acknowledgement to these first published instructions should be acknowledged with this statement:

concept:  debbie clarke, gloucester ma
copyright november 5, 2010
executed by (your name) date, and place. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Out of Dream Time into Art Time

personal, communal and psychic history are prominent themes in my work.  recent dreams have provided me a framework for the further development of this theme.  the work will be visual, written, spoken, video, whatever and everything i can think of to define a specific family tree.  a tree with a garden that is just the earth beneath it and the sky above it, no more no less, but the volume is vast.  a mandala of sorts... here's the first flush of an outline.

written by me.  all rights reserved, debbie clarke, gloucester ma november 4, 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010


Marilyn and I have been friends since our art school days.  in later life we shared studio space in magnolia.  she is a very powerful draughtman/painter.  she studied at mass art and at the kansas city institute of art.  i drew this small gilded drawing last winter when she visited me.  she told me that she sees her mother in this drawing.  

i offer up this etheral photo as a prayer for the health and healing of my friend and her family as she undergoes treatments for a brain tumor (the same type of tumor ted kennedy had).  

may all be well and may all be well and all is well, say the bells.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Gloucester, MA - Mayors' Arts Challenge

click 'like' on the video to help Gloucester win a Mass Cultural Council award. The deadline for voting is tomorrow 10/26/10. our mayor's video is one of 16 being considered for an award, and the video is beautiful.

best and thanks for the support,

The Big Fish

This is The Big Fish (a blue faced cichlid we named 'fat boy') that hangs in our long narrow hallway.  The painting is oil with mixed media on linen, painted in 1995.  We had a 35 gallon fish tank.  This Big Boy ate every other fish in the tank, including several crayfish, then grew to an amazing size.  sometimes i think to sell this, several people have 'tried it out' on their wall, for a few years it was displayed at The Bookstore on Main Street in Gloucester.  Now, I say hello to Fat Boy everytime i hang a coat, store a painting, or head to the downstairs laundry.  


Sunday, October 24, 2010

if their mothers only knew
mixed media drawing on canvas
copyright 2010 gloucester ma
debbie clarke

i'm drawing, i'm writing, i'm sorting, i'm re-thinking my online activities. i finished this a few weeks ago.  just turned it to the wall and forgot it.  we put it on the living room wall friday night.  i think it works. this drawing started as a painting on the big white canvas on June 19, 2010.  4 months in the works, not counting preparation of the ground and the contemplation of the big white surface.  the intent was to expose young kleptomaniacs, it turned out to be another story about time, place, and intergenerational history.

best and onward

Monday, October 4, 2010

It's AHHT!

Originally uploaded by debclarke art
light art! every once in a while my work catches me off guard with an inner certainty that i am on the right path. the sun hit this painting yesterday. that 'light patch' is flattened out in this image. the reality of the reflected light is that it existed in space, sort of like a hologram. damn, if i could paint like that, but i don't know how to...yet.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

my good workspace too

Originally uploaded by debclarke art
just another view this october saturday with a view to some of my constant companions.

best and more,

my good workspace

Originally uploaded by debclarke art
saturday october 2, 2010

spiral bound

spiral bound
Originally uploaded by debclarke art
this is another teaching sketch. lesson: the portrait.  the page starts with one shape, then two, then three, etc.

what interests me about this pic is the line drawing on the right created by the wires, my glasses, etc. says so much.

it says love. xox.

best and more,


Originally uploaded by debclarke art
from the eleven year sketchbook. i was definitely drawing crows. the transfer page shows intimations of a figure. i kept trying to identify this drawing as figure anatomy, and i couldn't find the reference, then, duh, i drew crows frequently when we lived in the treetop apartment.

The Sketchbook

The Sketchbook
Originally uploaded by debclarke art
The first pages of the sketchbook and the pages are already falling out of the binding.

and what does this have to do with the theme "down your street"? don't know. yet.


Friday, October 1, 2010


Originally uploaded by debclarke art
This is a sketch found in an old spiralbound sketchbook. The sketch was a demonstration for a figure drawing class. My studio was very public, so we always worked with the clothed figure and i taught how to 'see' through the surface to the form. here i must have been showing the biggest shape of the gesture with counterbalance of the longest line.   visually pleasing to me is the movement of fingerprints from the right picture plane through the form and behind the descending lines on the left lower picture plane.  yes.  this is when Sue Anne modelled for us.


i was drawing a crow. more on that later.

this search through old sketchbooks is part of my preparation for The Sketchbook Project (you can see more about this on our blog: www.somethingsketchy.wordpress.com). Starting on The Sketchbook is difficult. My real sketchbooks are a jumble of visuals, shopping list, notes to family, phone msg, research, etc. The sketchbook imaged here covers years 1998-2010. it's non-sequential and it is not full. sometimes i need a smaller or larger page. sometimes i need a sketchbook right now, and grab whatever is close to hand.

more and best, later.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Chairs reconstructed

The Chairs reconstructed
Originally uploaded by debclarke art
a friend on flickr (and other sites) recently reminded me that this is a pretty cool 'ahhtsie (my word)' self portrait. yeah...i really like it too.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Intershell Seafood, oil on canvas $275

This is a quick study that I painted during a Sunday morning painting class this past summer.  They hadn't started to set the staging for Fiesta, so this must have been painted in early June.

The painting has been donated to raise funds for my friend Jim and his wife.  Jim ran Jim's Frame Shop for years.  He was my framer.  Their handicapped van rusted out and they are now stuck without transportation.  The community is raising funds to help them get a new van.  This painting is at Stuff on Main Street in Gloucester.  All funds from the sale of this painting goes towards the fund to buy the van.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

last summer morning 2010

someday i should learn to paint like this.  for now, the camera does the work.


Happy Fall!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Introducing Something Sketchy!

You can follow the progress of a few intrepid sketchbook friends
complete sketchbooks for 

(if you wish to participate, you must order your sketchbook by October 31st.  return the book by mid-january.  first stop:  Space, Portland Maine in March!)


Something Sketchy, gloucester massachusetts
 is the blog we have created to document our progress.  we invite you to follow us, and our sketchbooks as the work gets created, then sent off on a road tour with 17,000+ other sketchbooks.  you don't have to be an artist to participate.  all you have to do is complete and return the sketchbook.  the image above is from my spiral bound collection.  clickie, clickie...

Friday, September 17, 2010

some downtime

downtime from on-line doings, from the compulsion to 'make'.  i've been looking at a lot of my work, moving it around.  sent a painting off to hang at the Windemere Gallery of Arts and Antiques in Rockport.  It's a fairly large panel for me, 4x5' or so.  it's an oil of a milky magnolia harbor with some dinghies and the pier in the back. maybe i posted a picture of it already?   have sent some work upstairs to storage.  replenished my blocks of charcoal.  have located the black pigment.  have some eggs and paper.

all of my brushes are clean.

and i don't want to paint.  i've packed the oils away.

i have 2 reverse glass paintings to finish.  one is a double sided Our Lady of the Lilies.  the other is of 2 lobster boats, the Dog and I and it's gray neighbor at the dock.  and i have 2 completed reverse glass paintings to frame:  sockeye salmon and The Chorus Line.  will finish framing the Chorus Line first, then it can go to the Windemere to join it's companion "5 Stand".

this is my vacation time until next wednesday.  have done a lot of housecleaning, still have more to do.

but, first to finish, then to draw.

and walk, and read and take a civilized nap or two.

have a few video thoughts too.

later and best,

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Tale of 2 Paintbrushes

My David was good friends with Armand Sindoni and received one of Armand's paintbrushes, along with a giclee print of one of Armand's last paintings as a remembrance gift from Armand's family.  The brush was proudly displayed above Armand's print, until we moved.  

A few months back I was painting when David took the brush from my hand, claiming it was Armand's.  I said:  "Well, you better put it someplace safe, because if I need a brush and find a brush, I use it."  and that was that,  until yesterday.  Yesterday I cleaned a flat brush when I realized the handle was encrusted with chrome green, a color I do not use.  The handle was used to mix a vat of paint (something I have never done). The ferrule encrusted with old oil.  I checked all of my paintbrushes. The ferrules of all of my old brushes were scraped clean. of encrusted paint.  A former studio assistant used a razor blade to clean my old brushes (a practice I put an end to...the bristles were getting shaved in the process).    I showed the brushes to David, told him that chrome green was a color commonly in use by painters of Armand's generation, then showed him my greens based on veridian and thalo...my greens lean towards blue. David agreed.  
The flat is the Armand Sindoni brush, the bare ferrule bright brush is mine.

I wanted to share some of Armand's work with you.  This photo of him with a self portrait is the only one I could find. He was known for his portraits, but he also painted seascapes.  Below is a link to the Gloucester Schooner Festival tribute to Armand.

best, deb.

ps:  while writing this post i looked in the dictionary for a description of bright and flat brushes (always confuse them).  i discovered that the american heritage college dictionary does not include brushes under the meanings and usage of 'bright', 'flat', 'filbert' and 'round'.   a quick google search gave me the answer.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Chairs

This morning the frame gave way on a glass painting that i did last year for The Peabody Historical Society's "Historic Interpretation" show.  the glass did not break, but the frame is very dangerous.  i think the work can work well with mirror clamps.  i cleaned up some of the mirror and took some pictures.  i came up with a few possibilities to develop some variations on the 'wedding chairs'

this is the slide show.  there are more detailed descriptions on my flickr site.


Progress report: If their mothers knew

grid with thoughts of Poussin's triangular composition.

foiled comp

white aluminum foiled comp

the gilder's oil failed. good, now i can take some chances.
if it's going to fail, might as well do it brilliantly.
now i'm scraping back through the layers.


ps:  there is a big cruise ship anchored just inside the breakwater.  lots of shuttles flying back and forth.  it's going to be a busy day at bananas.  almost 3000 peeps on the ship including crew.  goodmorninggloucester.com is sure to have plenty of updates to keep you all informed.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

Magnolia boats 2001

The  Magnolia Boats 2001 can now be seen at The Windemere Gallery of Arts and Antiques in Rockport.  The painting is oil on canvas, painted from memory.  it was a white hot day in the milky harbor. 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cape Ann on The Arts Map: Connecting Artists and the Community

Check it out! There are a lot of artists around here on the Arts Map. The good folk at the arts map are using Cape Ann as a test case for this type of focused arts area mapping. cool. I'm on the map, are you?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

the work continues: the wip: if their mothers knew

had to bring this canvas indoors last night to escape the ravages of Earl.  it was a non-event, just rain, good thing i brought it in.  i took this opportunity to work for a bit under incandescent light, and low light.  and started again.  i like the pentimento and heed the advice that some pigments placed over a layer of ivory black may curdle.  i'm making this up as i go along, so who knows what the finished work will be, i surely don't.  not even an intimation, other than there will be figures.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Sarto shoes, a drawing"

"Sarto shoes, a drawing" copyright clarke 2010, gloucester ma, mixed media on canvas 24x24", a detail

"Sarto shoes, a drawing"

c'est finis.

the work continues: the wip: if their mothers knew

this is the 38x42" canvas that i started earlier this summer.  it has been turned to the wall and moved around until i was ready to deal with it.  this past monday i washed the image down with the thought to define an aluminum field.  not yet.  this painting/drawing is at an interesting stage:  it can go in many directions.  i just don't know which interests me most:  the juxtaposition of absurdly small and absurdly large figures with a mixed up perspective, or do i refine larger torso shapes, the three graces, and leave all the other references to resolve within a few simpler shapes.  the painting is warmer than this photo suggests.  might be time to get a new camera.  best, deb

ps:  i will look at some altar paintings.  somehow those venetian painters managed to make us believe giants dwelt among us and stood on the heads of the prominent citizens.  really, those paintings crack me up hmmmm...

how swiftly the object of my visual affection changes.  art is a fickle lover.

Wyeth's boots "Trodden Weed"

Andrew Wyeth's boots.  this painting is one of those images that haunts and informs my art everytime i consider feet, shoes, the incomplete figure on the picture plane.  Wyeth is considered by a lot of viewers as a 'realistic' painter.  Wyeth considered himself an abstractionist.  it has taken me a long time to 'get' it.  maybe...

Van Gogh's "Shoes, 1888"

18x21 3/4", oil on canvas
collection Metropolitan Museum

found this image at artcyclopedia.  vangogh knew how to draw with paint.  i should take some lessons.  it is possible these shoes are life sized.  sometimes these views looking 'down' on an object or landscape give me vertigo when observed hanging on a wall.  yes, i still have a lot to learn.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sarto Shoes, a drawing

24x24"  mixed media with chalk, sharpie, aluminum leaf on canvas
copyright clarke
gloucester ma

the narrow space will get a touch of pizzazz once the surface is dry. accumulating some work to show. where?  i don't know.  when i have 10 or 20 i will know.


this drawing reminds me of the grisaille (gray scale)  under painting  popular among the eighteenth/nineteenth century French Academy painters. i have no intention of glazing this canvas.  yesterday i scraped down/washed down the labors of the past few weeks. removed the 'object of my visual affection' from my field of vision.  then 'drew' the whole thing within a few hours, all from memory.  my subconscious brain remembers more than my conscious brain.

i think it is finished.  the work is on my work wall next to the refrigerator and hasn't once told me to anything more to it.  occasionally i feel a slight need to straighten the 'twist' on the left lower profile of the shoe on the left.  this need is only slight, so the 'twist' will probably remain 'as is' with the slightest angst.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

in which i delete all of Ingres' qualifiers

"There is only one art."

Ingres redacted.
debbie clarke
copyright 2010 glouceste rma.

"Two Faced"

My friend Paul Frontiero makes 'Rock Art'.  He draws on rocks, then leaves the drawings somewhere on Cape Ann.  He uploads images and clues to goodmorninggloucester.com with a request that the finder of his drawing report the find to him via email.  sometimes he receives pictures of the folk making the find.  

Paul encouraged me to draw on some rocks.  I came up with "Rock Heads".    it is small.  i incorporated my copyright and email address into the design.  now, what to do with this rock?  it fits in the palm of my hand.  ideas are welcomed.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A & E: :song by the water boys: fisherman's blues: cover:...

A & E: :song by the water boys: fisherman's blues: cover:...: "THIS is what we did this afternoon. It's a rough & tumble cover of one of the sweetest love songs that either one of us have ever heard."

Link from my daughter's blog. this is eb playing her violin to her boy's singing and guitar playing. 'light in my hand, you in my arms' love the song.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The WIP: shoes

this morning's work, and the light changes.  i plan to document this work through completion. or not.  is any work ever complete?  my interest lies with the arrested hand.  how do we know when to stop?  when to continue?  at some point a sense arrives, it is done.  

best, deb

Audience Participation Required!! � GoodMorningGloucester

Audience Participation Required!! � GoodMorningGloucester

oh gawd, what these guys get me into. we really want to know what you do with your webcam. and we want to share them with the good readers of goodmorninggloucester.com . come on, tell us who you are. don't be shy. just do it and we can all publically be shy together. near and far, we want to hear from you!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

lifecam 3: drawing the shoes

tonight, before i get the brush.

2010 08 18 09 43 10 354

it's a bit longer than i expected. lifecam test 2. i will have to get up really early in the morning if i want to do this on a regular basis. the cam pics up the sounds of the computer, so the next time i will have to move the camera away from the computer and get my face out of the camera. too many grimaces as i work.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The WIP: shoes

another work from the archives. this time 2006. i was painting shoes. sold the companion to this a while back. offered this companion piece during the sidewalk sale for $150. i showed it to the owner of the other shoe painting. i said "it's not as good as yours" then put it away. and i was right, it is not as good as the one i sold; now it is better.

this is this morning's effort. waiting for the sun to move...it is too hot out there to work right now.


Monday, August 16, 2010

a drawing

a mixed media drawing with oil and leaf on canvas. 24x18".
copyright debbie clarke
gloucester ma 2010

this panel was started march 2009, completed today.  

Friday, August 13, 2010

last sunday morning

last sunday morning eb, her boy josh and their penny visited.  eb has established a habit of documenting her sunday mornings. this last sunday morning included me.  our sunday mornings together always feel like home.


we both share a history of documenting our lives.  above is the condensed version of my babel tower. the electronic years come later.  i retired the spiral bounds several years ago to electronic documentation, art documentation, sketch books, etc.  i might cast these in shellac.  and i might not.  i might burn them page by page, and maybe not.  the tower is ripe with the transfer of sharpie markers.  that's one way to cover one's tracks, especially if one writes double sided journal entries.  heheheheh.  paperdolls anyone?