Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Artist on Main Street

A blogger from Omaha, former Gloucesterite Marc asked for some more photos of Main St. Gloucester. So I went for a walk to pick up my lunch and this is what I saw and took pictures of:
this series is called Artist on Main Street.
"Pinkalicious" at The Bookstore, Gloucester MA
(Link under other places)

Sandwiched at Virgilio's (I got the smoked ham on a roll)


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Anonymous said...

Tempting (the shipped sandwich) - hoagies/subs/poboys/grinders (whichever term you prefer) leave much to be desired here- the bread is not so good, very doughy and no decent crust.

Unique thing about Gloucester subs I noticed - they put on relish. And the "portegees" use chorizo?

Did you see "Goodfellas"? The guy that told the story, remember at the end he talked about having to live in a place where the spaghetti sauce tasted like watery ketchup? That was Omaha: he came into the Detox where I used to work once.

When I lived in fishtown there was a pizza place run by a couple of italian guys with the real thin crust italian pizza - good stuff

Thanks for taking the photos.