Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Last of Nana's Garden: creeping veronica

during the few months prior to nana's move, after gramp's stroke, we systematically dug up selections from her garden; a ritual we practiced everytime i moved to a place where i had a little earth to garden.

'here take this pretty blue flower.' the pretty blue flower which we continued to pull from of the lawn edge, summer after summer. planted this flower at 8 rio drive, garrettson avenue, pine street, 22 magnolia ave, katy's garden, nancy's garden, laurie's garden, the church garden. yesterday i spent some time searching the church grounds for some of my plants and found a very small patch of the creeping veronica. i dug these up, ready to be planted in the next garden.

i will go back to the church garden for donald's paeonies, bow's lillies, nana's phlox (i hope they are the vintage white), looked for the bergamont, no luck. i also found some of the fringed bleeding heart from my garden, and of course, the 16th generation of self sown cosmos! will search the church cemetary for any of the wildflowers planted by the children.

i think katy has some of the bergamont and the last surviving ozark mountain primrose. nana freely and wildly collected flower specimens wherever she traveled. her garden had plants from arkansas, oklahoma, california, connecticut, new jersey, maine, the woods of cape ann, mrs. dean's garden, her neighbor's gardens.

the very last thing she helped me pack up was the dirt. here, get that dirt. that is good dirt.

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