Thursday, May 8, 2008

It is always springtime in England

five years ago today, it was raining, just as it is raining today.
five years ago yesterday, donald's headache had returned.
five years ago today, donald slept at 2, his arm slung over the side of the bed
he glowed
i reached to touch
then retreated to the other
he finally slept.
five years ago today he collapsed
yesterday eb reminded me
(when she asked what day it was)
wednesday (me)
she asked what date?
the 7th!
(she)the last time my father was fully alive

and yesterday her school said
she could not walk
the graduation walk
on Mom's Day
because of a paper snafu, although all parties
are assured the funds will be immediately released
upon the receipt of the faxed income verification (being done this am, today)

Today eb will speak with a higher up.

She (eb) closed her call with
and now i have to tell someone else the story, again.

and five years ago, this sunday
we spent the day with donald watching the subtle
signs of life
as masses of newly shed cherry blossoms
danced the inverted tornado
which opened
around that SICU bay.

the thought passed between us, my daughter and I
he would ask if we noticed
that on PBS
it was always springtime in England.

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