Friday, February 5, 2010

Art and Ready Made

This is the image from designer's daily.  The article can be found on the following link.  This fly is embossed on the urinals in Schipol Airport in Amsterdam, it is the logo for a porcelein urinal manufacturor (need company name).  Guys aim for the fly!  it cuts down on spillage with a sweetened environment, with a lot less slippage for the guys.  I wonder if they use down the wharf at Capt Joeys.

and if you want to buy a decal:  a 10 pack is $9.99!
the link to that is here:

Local Colors coop members used to have lengthy discussions about what is original art, and what kind of art did we not want.  A photolithographer applied. The subject cars.  there were lithos, posters, cards, very commercial, very marketable, but did not seem to fit in with our idea of original art.  but, what did we mean.  a group agreed to meet to come up with a definition for what we meant by 'original art':  thorpe feidt, ashley thompson, debbie clarke, jay mcglaughlin, sue anne? mollie? rebecca?  we met one night a week (or was it one night a month?) to discuss the thorney issue. 

we ended with this:

Marcel Duchamp's "Readymade" signed R. Mutt.  We could not not give a concise definition of original art, but we all agreed this urinal is art.  however, selling pics of it, is not art.  a pictorial such is this is part of our trade goods:  commercial, not for sale, for give aways.  unless you become famous, then museums etc, get to sell pics of the famous work and make a profit, and the original becomes even more famous.  so, we were not going to allow the sale of photo cards of the work, unless somehow manipulated by the artist's hand into a 'new' original art. 

 I hear Audrey Flack in "Art and Soul":  to paraphrase, art is a new thing added to the universe, something that did not exist before in its present form.

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the have a fly logo? on the urinals in the Maine hiway rest areas... knowledge only guys would know?