Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blog Catalog

This link will take you to my page on blogcatalog.  I signed up there a few weeks back, and forgot to go back to poke around.  The page looks great!  I signed up because the blogcatalog newsletter is full of brilliant tips of use to bloggers, those wishing to establish a web presence,  video blogs and  all kinds of useful stuff for likeminded folk.  With no participation on my part, other than just signing up I have gotten several visitors and return visitors from my listing.  I like their page set-up of my blog better than mine!  and it is free!

I am impressed and I am going to go back and poke around.

oh, well.  poked around to find the social twits were sketchy and lots of beautiful girl updates.  too bad.  guess i just won't go to that part of the site.


ps:  i will leave my site link there.  i like the look and feel.

next focus for this webbed  citizen:  put prices on my work..

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