Friday, February 19, 2010

Artist Studio Space

I've been looking around to see what the town has to offer for studio space.  this is the courtyard side of the Blackburn Building at the corner of Maine & Washington Streets.  I looked at 3 space.  a room with no windows, but close to facilities. a penthouse with great western light, a fireplace, close to facilities.  a large room in the extension without facilities, but one can go downstairs, outside, take the elevator and facilities are available.  rock bottom prices:  $250 - $800.  no thank you. i used to have a the 4th floor northwest corner of this building.  i moved out because of ghosts and the smell of burnt meat.  oh, the racoons also made the roof outside my window into their mess.  



Cape Ann Painter said...

The Place on the Neck did'nt pan out?
I'd split a place if it was the right price.

Lynn Logan Roselli said...

I am looking for studio space as well. Seen many but more often than not to expensive. I think I finally found one after weeks of looking. Good luck with your search.

Debbie Clarke aka pbsage said...

Paul, space taken, too small. and Lynn where are you looking for space?

Cape Ann Painter said...

Tell us more about the Ghosts.
Ghost Hunters is my favorite and only show I watch. OH, and Cash Cab too.

Debbie Clarke aka pbsage said...

oh ...
rot. that's what i heard everytime i stood in the west studio. i had to cross to get supplies. then i forgot the razor blades, then the alcohol, back and forth, open the window. back and forth and suddenly 'rot' pops into my head. as if someone were saying 'oh rot.'. it is an old persons voice. smells musky. straggly hair, greased with sweat on top. three teeth show, the rest rotted stumps. 'rot'

smudged the space and rot settled down.

the studio air seemed to be milky today. as if the fog had seeped inside. it seemed to swirl and settle as i moved through. i thought they might have burned meat in the blackburn. lakshmi didn't smell burnt meat. she smelled incense. it sounded like there were folks upstairs (there is no upstairs). heard some men talking and doors opening and closing. there are more folks in the building; however these sounds were 'in' and 'of' my studio space. there are a lot of them.

april 2001