Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cobbled Cove, Magnolia MA

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This is the only painting I have ever done of waves on the shore. Something about this dark rock with the water washing over it stayed in my retinal memory, so I painted the memory as soon as I got back to my studio.

The most frequent comment about this painting is that it is too fast. i guess most people (and at one time i thought this too) think you have to labor over an oil painting for it to be valid.

This is not true. Everything changes. in a blink the wave comes in, in a blink it is gone. just like life, we are but a twinkling. I like the speed of my brushwork, the slip of the paint, that slight oily green in the trough of the next wave. just the way it was in that moment.

maybe i will do the ocean again, maybe not. depends on the retinal impact and memory.

so what do you think, should i have labored longer? this painting happened in a timeless flash.


oh, this is for sale: $275.

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