Monday, August 2, 2010

White Wind needs to visit my friend Steve Linsky

Steve owns Linsky's Service Station,  He is my service man when it comes to keeping my vehicles and humor in tip-top shape. 

I used to drive foreign cars (subaru, volvo, bmw), but after my husband died it proved too costly to keep two cars running.  the volvo died first, then the bmw (the subaru got totalled years ago).  Steve advised me to get an American car (easier on the wallet).  My brother-in-law gave me his dodge dakota and told me to drive it  into the ground.  When I took the truck to Steve for its second oil change he said 'take care of your truck'.  it needed fluids, air, and grease on the axils.  The truck's muffler started talking just prior to my last oil change. so Steve also checked the muffler.  "Can i still drive it?" i asked. "Yes, but the catalytic converter needs to be replaced...ain't a pretty site, rusted out on both ends."  "Will it fall off?" "Maybe, and you risk losing your muffler if it does."  Within a week the sound became a full bore gale that turned every head i passed.  rattled home from the market about 5 weeks ago, turned the wind off and have left her parked.  until she can visit Steve.  

I'm so afraid something will fall off when I drive the truck to Steve, that I am going to have someone follow me...just-in-case I really screw up, drop the exhaust system and create general mayhem with spewed parts from here to maplewood ave.

or maybe i should just pay the thirty bucks and have her towed.


John said...

I had been driving my van for several months with tailpipe from muffler off and finally rigged up a flexible repair pipe from auto parts store, it was still pretty loud but I was used to it at this point, and living in the country there are a lot of trucks in much worse state, and besides it is considerably less obnoxious than these motorcycles- what is up with that? Then several weeks ago, about 3/4 of the way to the city on the Taconic parkway at like 70 I felt a bump were there wasn t a bump in the road and the sound changed pitch and volume and I knew that look of surprised disgust on the driver passing me on the inside couldn t have to do with my lack of a haircut, so I got off at the next exit with the hope that only delusion can foster. sure enough the muffler had dropped clean out leaving my carefully bent tailpipe with it s fancy store bought hangers. To top it of, when I called the office I was headed to and explained I would need to reschedule the repair to their doors I was informed that the building had taken care of it the previous week.
Between communication and maintenance time it is a miracle any art gets made at all.
Sounds like maybe time to make a painting of Linsky s Service Station

Debbie Clarke aka pbsage said...

now that is a great idea and a challenge! there is a lot of visual material down there. and a lot of great peeps coming and going.

thanks for stopping by. and...did you repair the van or get a new one?

beer cans used to work very well as temperary repairs on old the days before catalytic converters.


John said...

I like my chevy astro van to much to get rid of it and it was a big investment with low miles when i bought it. i am partial to pick-ups but after years of open beds or crawling into caps the leaving the tools when i get to a job or home is a big plus but most of all moving custom cabinetry in an open bed got to be to more than i could tolerate. I visualise the day when it will be paintings again.
I thought for a while i would do the muffler myself with clamps but 300 later at midas on a Saturday with no appointment while I waited got me back to work -I did not see taking it into manhattan for an extended job as a good way to avoid traffic enforcement when they seem to be on the lookout for any chance to bite.
So where are the paintings of the drawing spots? the bird house view from last sunday is delightful where s the color dang it?
Thank you for your questions about my blog or not, - i' ll get back to you on that - too busy painting -go figure...

Debbie Clarke aka pbsage said...

the paintings will come. ran out of white paint for a while, and this summer has been so humid that the paint isn't drying. the frustration caused me to set the paint aside, so i'm focused on drawing. it is clean, it is portable, it makes me work. and this is a good thing.

when i get back to painting i am going to attempt these drawings in paint, as linear works...will see...sometimes it is too easy to jump into color, motherwell and franz kline didn't have to, so why do i? i chew on this.