Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sarto Shoes, a drawing

24x24"  mixed media with chalk, sharpie, aluminum leaf on canvas
copyright clarke
gloucester ma

the narrow space will get a touch of pizzazz once the surface is dry. accumulating some work to show. where?  i don't know.  when i have 10 or 20 i will know.


this drawing reminds me of the grisaille (gray scale)  under painting  popular among the eighteenth/nineteenth century French Academy painters. i have no intention of glazing this canvas.  yesterday i scraped down/washed down the labors of the past few weeks. removed the 'object of my visual affection' from my field of vision.  then 'drew' the whole thing within a few hours, all from memory.  my subconscious brain remembers more than my conscious brain.

i think it is finished.  the work is on my work wall next to the refrigerator and hasn't once told me to anything more to it.  occasionally i feel a slight need to straighten the 'twist' on the left lower profile of the shoe on the left.  this need is only slight, so the 'twist' will probably remain 'as is' with the slightest angst.


we3 said...

just love your 'relaxed' style for want of a better word and the scale as it's a little larger than life - lovely find!

Anonymous said...

I remember doing these in college! Wonderful! I have no idea how you did the background, but it looks brilliant.