Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thursday, Friday, Saturday's work-in-progress


and after

i've been working in the fog a mist.  media:  oil and chalk, size 16x20".

this is the same painting that is in the lower left of this blog's header.  the paint wasn't drying, so i scraped it, rubbed it down with turp and started again, and started again, and started again and will continue tomorrow.


Lorn said...

i really like it, i like the way that where you have scraped the paint off there are different layers on the surface which really give me that feeling of a misty day. i am interested to see how it develops!

Maya said...

I love the playfulnes in your paintings! great blog!


Debbie Clarke aka pbsage said...

Thank you for your comments, Maya and Lorn.

I don't know what happened to this painting. I think I changed it. if I find it can I send it to you? $20 covers postage.