Saturday, June 19, 2010

the wip: ones that steal

This is what got started on the white angst last night (in between sorting my business papers for my accountant).  My first impulse was to make another landscape attempt, but these chicks kept imposing their images on me.  I have worked in retail off and on for years.  I have had artwork stolen from a cooperative store, caught tweens stealing soaps, caught/suspected chicks of stealing tank tops and camisoles, found evidence that jewelry walked out on someone's wrist, and when i was a child and early teen i stole a pack of chewing gum (guilt made me return it with a confession to Mr. Chatter) and an eyeliner (my friends forced me to return it to woolworth's, although they kept their loot).  another friend was a chronic klepto for a few of her teen years.  so, these standing chicks are the whole lot, including me.  at first there was a lot of anger directed at these women, until i remembered my own experience.  i trust i might develop some compassion as this painting develops and my disappointment in some of these once well liked customers will stay on the canvas and get out from under my skin.

38x42" oil on canvas.


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