Thursday, November 29, 2007

Today is my birthday and the moon is 19 days old. on the day of my birth, it was a 22 day old moon. 2 + 2 is 4. a cardinal number. the four square. a compass point with true north. east, west, north, south, all in one. a cross road figure. a blues singer with a guitar case supposedly sold his soul to the devil at the crossroad. and once upon a time i read that those with no souls in condition to ascend to heaven were buried nameless at the crossroad. turn the four square forty five degrees and it is the spokes of the wheel, the roman army coming to town, the jackboots trampeling the fields of Poland, the sanskrit wheel of fortune, the wheel of change, a captain's wheel. the captain of this ship needs to decide which way the wind blows, then chart an appropriate course.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Redundant to my journal entry 11/20/2007

i've been going to the studio on a regular, irregular basis, trying to determine when i might be able to work. the studio doesn't feel right. i need to move a lot of stuff and get rid of some more. the work tables are cluttered, these are the first things to clear. some personal items need to come here. what will i do with the sewing machine? it works. in it's console it is heavy. out of the console it is getting gritty. the console is now covered in paint. a decision for another day.

my fingers are itching and the deltoid is aching. the arm needs to stretch. the electricity needs to flow. i need to work. on what? no great ideas.

just start somewhere.

caught an odd glimpse of myself in a crowded mirror. grabbed a canvas, a tube of indian red, a little thinner, a good brush and began. it is an oil drawing in red paint. a bit lyrical. finished it yesterday afternoon. maybe i will just go through my supply of canvas and just use up the tube of red doing these drawings in paint.

kasha asked me about my painting yesterday. my reply: well, i am going to the studio. i have no great ideas, nothing earth shaking to tell the world.

i'm just staying in shape. drawing is a start. one thing will lead to the next. this is the way i usually slip back in to the winter studio work, my most productive time.

a small show for january at the bookstore. will need to strap up the paintings.fred has offered me some wall space for the holidays. will check this out.

today i go to marblehead to pick up the prints of Mait. darryl will stretch them for me.very good. finished on time. larry returns from St. Barth's on the 20th. yes. it will feel like a bonus deposit to my account because i kept forgetting there are funds out there for me. very good.

the art supply will close for good on Saturday. Darryl told me to go in on friday morning and see if there is stuff that i want. then he will sell off everything else. he will continue to stretch canvas for a few of us, cut some mats, strap up our work, from his home. 32 years in business, and no more art supply on the cape. now we will have to go Beverly for our supplies.ChrisLee DarRand was Ben Epstein's paint and color shop when i was a kid. the brushes, inks and colors were magic. the nib boxes all neatly arranged with bright shiny nibs. darryl will give these boxes to me. i rarely do pen and ink, but who knows. maybe the wooden boxes with little compartments and hinged glass covers will be a magic inspiration. a way to honor this journey of a life in art.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

other people's shoes "Steve Madden" copyright '07 debbie clarke

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A very quick oil study of some shoes worn by somebody else. It's not easy getting the heels to sit on the plane. The tension between the surface and the ground excites me, as well as, the speed of the stroke.

Another blade

my kingdom for a sharp blade.

Ebony Pencil

zen and the art of ebony pencil sharpening.


these shoes aren't made for walking. these shoes are made for drawing!

Our art retailer is going out of business

The last holdout art retailer on Cape Ann will close its doors at the end of the year. ChrisLee DarRand has been in business for 32 years satisfying all the artist desires for color, brushes, paper, pen, pencil, eraser, canvas, stretchers, glue, gilder's supplies, nibs, solvents, oils, how to, clay, brayers, linoleum wood blocks, markers, gold leaf, silver leaf, aluminum leaf...OH, NO! Where will I go for my gold leaf? 10 miles to Beverly for 15" stretchers, but I only need 2! It's going to cost me more in gas, than the price of the stretchers. What more do I need? nothing. What do I want? everything. What can my checkbook afford? doublecheck. What glittery thing will I find for my nest?