Friday, April 20, 2012

Walking to Work


Captain Solomon Jacobs Park at The Head of the Harbor, Gloucester MA.  This far view towards Ten Pound Island always catches my interest.  So many things to look at from the up close to the far away, to the above, to the below, to the squeeze in-between.  I'm not inclined to paint this, to squeeze all of this into a flat plane; however, all of this informs my art.  Everything here, within, without, is in constant motion.  This is the essence, and yet so easy to forget, so easy to want to fix, but must surrender to:  change is the only constant.  the still point what binds all of this together is the between.


ps:  the top 2 pics are from my walk to work on Thursday morning April 18.  the bottom pic of the long view was taken yesterday morning April 19.  sometimes i sense the ocean breathing.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Day at The Cape Ann Museum

last Saturday and Sunday I spent the afternoons demonstrating and chatting about art.  my daughter Elizabeth Bollenberg came to the Sunday event and took some great pictures!  the set up was on the third floor of The Cape Ann Museum  where "The Rule of Four" exhibit is on view through May 2012.  I'm working in front of four of the Species paintings that I created for the museum in 1995.  There are Nell Blaine drawings on the wall behind me, and Lynn Swigart's photographs are glimpsed in the corner.

It was fun greeting folk, the old gray matter kept firing, amazing me at the accumulated knowledge that I was eager to share.  The most difficult/exciting part of the demonstrations was introducing folk to concept of change that is inherent in my process and final product.  Many folk wanted to know how I knew when a work is finished, since I have no preconceived idea of what the finished work will look like.  All I could say is, I just know.  There's an inner sense of knowing, all of the dynamics of the drawing work, the tension is just right, and I just know.  Some work happens fast, and other work happens over time.


as always, comments, questions are welcomed.  now, it is time for me to put my studio back together so that the work can continue.