Friday, March 27, 2015

The Head Keeps Moving

mid week, last week, I started an observational self 
portrait. below are the 3 stages over a few days.
aluminum leaf and drawing media on canvas
12x14" copyright clarke 2015
gloucester ma

above blocking in the big shapes. the head caught 
between two gestures. I kept changing my mind.

midway, open mouth? closed mouth? where's
the center? lift the head, place it upon a column.

final. changed dynamic to finish, registering
the shock of losing Suzy. ambient light.


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Chrome Orange

ChromeOrange is a standing self portrait, started last spring.
Above is the current state. Following are a few of the previous
states. Something kept bugging me. I finally have the figure
firmly planted on the floor and a fair resolution to the lower right.
The black chalk lines will change. It's not finished. I'll set it aside for
now. Paintings happen slowly and since I figure everything out on
the canvas, change is constant until it is signed.

This state could have worked; but the white chalk
bugged me, as well as the fight for space of the reds.

almost; except the painting kept dividing into two,
with a floor plane that wouldn't hold it's space. i loved
this state for about 2 hours.

Slip sliding away and feet of cement.This is where I put 
the brush down last spring. The color bugged me.

This block headed monk is where it all started.
Any one of the various states would have been 
fine. I'm not a millionaire, can you tell?

and onward.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Dirty Snow

Dirty Snow, a drawing. 12x14" on aluminum leaf on canvas.
copyright clarke 2015 gloucester ma

The snow is melting, turning dirty with the slow melt. Yesterday
I finally finished a drawing of the house up the hill after a long
winter of looking at it every day. Looks pretty simple; HAH! It
gave me a good work out. 

There is another canvas that is prepared with glare and aluminum
leaf. This morning's drawing will be this yellow house, again. The
house sold last fall. I had better have my visual say about this place
before the new owners move in and decide to paint it another color.

best and onward,

Friday, March 6, 2015

Painting: Cripple Cove lowtide

Every once-in-awhile I have a go at the view towards Joey.
These are the remnants of the pier which burned down sometime
in the seventies. Wally's packing house once stood on these burnt
pilings stubs. I packed whiting there one very cold season when
I was just a girl and money packing fresh fish was good.

There were 2 paintings of this view. I killed one and kept the
best. 20x20" oil on canvas.
copyright clarke 2015
gloucester ma

feet on floor, eyes forward, brush-in-hand,


FineArtAmerica Metal Print

Yesterday the metal print of A Face I Remember arrived via UPS.

The original 5x5x.375" drawing with metal leaf drawing on the left.
8x8.875" metal print on the right. The drawing is strong enough to
hold the print together. The metal print is laminated onto the metal
then top coated with some type of acrylic. The print does not have
the warmth and depth of the original tile. I thought the metal plate
would be more present in the print. Oh, well. It is still a good thing.
Perhaps I will do a series of the tile under different light and then
order up some prints to use as the basis for new work. 

The original is for sale, if interested contact me at
If you would like to purchase prints, click the shopping cart link in the sidebar.
FineArtAmerica provides lots of choices from paper to canvas to cards to metal
to acrylic to frames, etc. Products are well packed and the ready to hang art looks
very professional. I can't produce this quality at the great prices they offer. All
produced in the U.S,


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fresh Snow! Fresh Glue.

Turn off the soundtrack, it is a distraction. Good directions. Fresh 
snow is the chill ingredient in the recipe given by Ralph Mayer in
for a long time. it has been written that if one lets the glare (egg glue) 
go rotten; it can be used on a dry oil painting for gilding or preparation
for painting with egg tempera. 

I have 7 12x14" stretched lightweight canvas to gild. There is freshly
made glare from Tuesday's snow in the fridge. There are 500
leaves of 6.24" x 6.24" aluminum leaf. A good day to prepare the 
canvas for drawing upon.

best and onward,

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Sorting through old image files and discovered this painting from 2004/2005. It's a color spot painting, a synthesis of Helen WanWyck's color recipes and Hawthorne's color approach, addressed through critiques in Hawthorne on Painting

I'm busy painting, while giving some time to online marketing.

feet on the floor,
eyes forward,


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Cripple Cove Prints

Last fall I started a series of distressed digital prints. I photographed the print on 10/1 and the date is imprinted on the photo of the distressed print. The prints of the prints will be offered for sale through FineArtsAmerica, as soon as I erase the date stamp. not sure why the date stamp was set. It detracts from the whole A link will be posted as soon as the images are available for sale 

Best as always,