Friday, February 17, 2012

Paul with Fish, update

Paul, detail.

This is a painting that I started several years ago, and have not finished.  The painting is in the attic.  why did I stop working on it?  I have misplaced the background fish that is the shadow wall for the verre eglomise.

someday I will finish this work.  btw:  some of the white areas is paint, other white areas is aluminum leaf, other white areas is where the light shows through from behind, other white areas is the surface light reflection.


Updated:  May 22, 2012.  in all of my haste, this painting hit the floor.  i have kept all of the pieces and shards.  My friend Paul has gone through a difficult time during this past year.  His son Paul Frontiero Jr. was murdered last fall as he intervened in an attack on two young women.  he paid with his life.  then, he lost his beloved father a few months later.  when i saw the shards on the floor i thought of Paul
 'falling apart, to be put back together.'

best always Paul! steady on.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A face I remember (the in-between)

the realtime view of the drawing in action.  the audio/video is a bit out of sync.
turn the volume down if fingernails on a blackboard bother you.  yeah, the sound
is sort of like that.  totally unaware of the sound when i was drawing...busy listening
to the inner sounding.


"A Face I Remember" once again

erased, scrubbed down, excavated.  yes, this is the palimpsest that i have used for the drawings of the prior 2 entries.  the image redacted with a different axis.  marker and gesso on shower board framed, 11x11".

i think i'm done with this one. will turn it to the wall and tell you in a few days.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Redacted, erased, covered up. "A Face I Remember"

"A Face I Remember" redacted, erased, covered with gesso...already to start again...later, after work today.

erased sharpie drawing with gesso on shower board.  

The crystalline ceiling of The Friari Chapel where the fresco disappeared, still resonates with me.  am also reminded by Audrey Flack that one can never completely erase the work.  even if all signs are removed that the hand 'was here' the energy has changed and will continue to resonate.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another Face I Remember

another face i remember.  a work in progress, or not.  sharpie on shower board.  10x10"


My Good Workspace!

cleaned up the space to make way for verre eglomise and mirror making.
compared to what was here last week, it really is in working order.  and yes, i know where the tape is.

best and onward,

a nice comment from friend Clarity

found in my drafts.  should have published this months ago.  the link will take you to the google profile.

A nice comment from virtual friend  Clarity
Always have loved your fish paintings. They are...delicious. ;-) and Clarity's work is nourishing and delicious too!  we are connected through many on-line followings which has grown out of our initial virtual meetings on livejournal.  click the link and check out their work, their world, their books...a real treasure.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

'Faces I Remember' new addition

this is a 12x12" framed hand gilded silver mirror with sharpie and incised drawing.  several view with some interesting reflections.  and example of the face we love the most.  'fuschia is a hooka!' is a passive agressive response to a woman telling me that this color is not for little girls.  it is for hookas!  so there.  that's an incised drawing from memory of a Rembrandt self portrait.  i have to look at the mirror for a very long time before new faces are suggested to me.  some of the upper shapes give me torso references...that is another body of work; unless, i decide to integrate them within this work.   interesting idea.  i wonder if the imposition of my will, will make it 'work'.