Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Studio closed for maintenance today

i did not paint.  today was a looking day, a doing day: some laundry, some kitchen pick up, other general pick up, personal maintenance, some more looking.   the air is soggy, yesterday's paint film is gummy.  i need some damar, and the good smelling air turp in the green can, this acid that i'm working with really gets in the way  today was a gray bright day, for lazy reading, light napping, light tapping of the keys.  today was a day to make some broth, to do fill in shopping and smiling at new folk at the market.  

oh, and i felt these steps to the low tide today.  maybe one day i will paint it.  i don't know.  it is difficult.  the boat/harbor thing must be a calling that i don't respond to.  so why do i stay here, doing this contrary art?  it's my hometown.  there are very few figure painters here.  maybe i should focus on that.  maybe not.  oh, here are the steps to the black mud:

the bottom is 30 or 40 feet below my perch.  it is a really deep place. so boxy.

tomorrow, onward, paint.


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

that's it for today.

sometimes i get so busy worrying about ahht that i forget it's just a painting.  a good place to leave off.  have introduced more ocher and sienna.

time to clean up for dinner.


work in progress "Hakim's or...." set up and some progress

moved the ankles.  need to go over the whole once again and refine sizes.  slowly removing black from the palette.  the light in here is very 'silvery', i don't want to apply foil.  i'm starting to feel as if i'm finally painting and not just playing around with the media and technique...yikes.  


Change a part, change the whole

The head was moved on Sunday, The ankles were relocated on Monday.  Today, Tuesday, I will look at the toes.  Color is introduced sparingly.  Ivory Black is a somewhat brittle pigment and dangerous to build up in the thin layers as subsequent layers of paint may not adhere.  This requires vigilance and lscraping as needed.  The palette so far is titanium white, ivory black, yellow ocher, burnt sienna, cobalt blue.  

This is not easy.  It challenges me everytime i put it on the easel.  'Once you learn to draw; you will never doodle again.'  Nate Goldstein, or was it Angelo? from a long time ago in art school.


Monday, April 28, 2014

Work in Progress. the challenge of the standing figure.

hello, this is where i stopped painting on "Hakim's or this is what it was like when i worked in bazaar".  The surface would not accept any more paint, and the light was fading.  the mirror i'm working from is on the floor.  There's a wacky tilt and views of the underside of things, like the shoes, robe, chin, nose,etc. and sizes are odd.  There is also an exaggerated curve to the gesture that is 'almost' but 'not quite'.  setting up to paint.  then the job search will continue.


if anyone is interested in drawing lessons, or portfolio review,  let me know!  i'm available.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Highlights of the first quarter 2014

therapy for a broken wrist.

fell on the ice in February

verre eglomise with LUXX make up for color

small detail, a self portrait verre eglomise/mixed media

LUXX detail

5x5" idea panel 

a face i remember

hello deb.

fairies came out to play.

we had a baby shower for my grandbaby that is due May 14. 
 Elizabeth is a gorgeous Madonna Mama.


decided to finish this.  Hakim's or this is how it was when i worked in the bazaar. 38x42"
following pics are the progress


I fell on the ice in February while trying to get into the handicap access to a crosswalk in the West End of Gloucester. I'm 10 weeks into the healing process. Lost my job in March.  So, I'm looking for work, healing my wrist, and painting.  The standing figure is the painting i have dedicated to the healing of my left wrist.  sticking to the academics, not trying to be fancy or artistic.  i just want my hands to follow my eyes and maybe make a good painting in the process.  i have already changed the gesture from what you see in the last image.  

i will be updating with my weekly progress with job searches, grant applications.  if not here, at least to unemployment.  i'm looking at the Krasner/Pollack grant.  I can't afford art supplies.