Thursday, March 31, 2011

now, a word from this sponser

Anne. R. Allen's Blog has several recent posts about blogging.  She has several useful tips; such as, PUT YOUR NAME IN YOUR BLOG TITLE!  Duh, I forgot the difference between blogging and journaling.  So, I promptly incorporated my name into the title.  Did you notice the difference?

lots of commonsense stuff.  not rules, just the lay of the land for those of you that are just starting out in the blogging world.

and my new friend Anne is not a facebooker.  i am.  her post about blogging came to my attention through a link to her blog by my good, longtime 'virtual' and real friend Kathleen Valentine.  She is a writer, designer, fabric/thread/yarn wiz.  get to know her too!

Kathleen Valentine's Blog


and now, i will try to upload a clunky video of my butt planted in a chair, drawing the view this morning.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

New works on blue backdrop

some new work with multiple exposures.  some of these really show off the beauty of the material:  kodak laminate, packing tape, egg tempera, sharpie, dry pigment, china marker, aluminum leaf, etc.

really liking the blue backdrop.  it shines through the transclucent mylar. these constructed drawings are 8x8". 
click the image for detail.



flashmob weddings, flashmob messiahs, flashmob dancing, flashmob?

so much potential.  flashmob art demos?  flashmob greetings?  flashmob protests?

bollywood flashmobs?

flash:  the flash of the camera?

mob:  a gang?

can 2 be a flashmob?

flashmob fishing?

what are your ideas?

mine?  flashmob=arthappening redefined

looking forward to your thoughts.  have you ever designed a flashmob event?  what was it?  how many peeps?  how long did it last?  would you do it again?

this curious mind wants to know.

Friday, March 25, 2011

I’m into adhesives.


5x5inch mixed media constructed drawing.  
packing tape, gold powder, aluminum leaf, kodak holographic laminate, egg tempera, charcoal.
copyright clarke 2011, gloucester ma

the detail is awesome.  very difficult work to photo, this is a scan.

Monday, March 21, 2011

AHHT! or not.

This seen in Glosta!  AHHT or not?  Seen on Short Street.

 right around the corner, this pizza shrine.

the restaurant is available to rent.

 that's the scene last Saturday in downtown Glosta!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Equinox Egg Balance!

    The rumor is you can only balance an egg on the equinox.  not quite the equinox, almost. this egg balanced until  the dishwasher changed cycles to rock'n roll.

can you balance an egg?  no salt.  this is not a bar trick.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Art Supply Run

helping a painter get together an art set up. i sold my father's table top paintbox to a young cook/painter, without wheels. i will make an art supply run to Art Supply w/s next mon or tuesday.

gloucester artists? need anything from the art supply?

from a facebook conversation:

our local art supply could not compete with the wholesalers and his suppliers had high re-order fees. peeps started buying on line. we don't need all the do dads around here. we just need things like tubes of the basic oils, white, black, gesso. basic bristle brush assortment, drawing supplies, supports, economy sizes/prices would work, cuz this is the stuff artists run out of most. btw: our former art supplier Darryl is great at stretching canvas, he might still do this?

another source tells me that the owners of Tootle Loo(?) (the toy store) are asking for input from artists on what they would like to see supplied.

give them a toot.
tell them debbie sent you.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Temporary Space

I will be teaching in the large common area of CABI (Cape Ann Business Initiative). 15 people can work comfortably in the room There are large walls to work on. There is a long hallway with big walls.

Days available for classes/critiques/independant work space: Sunday, all day and evening. tues/thursday nights.

evening drawing classes: 6:30 - 9pm. $35
beginner-advanced. This is drawing 101

sunday: $100 independant study, critiques, directed 5 hour focus, drawing marathon. 10am-3pm

enrollment by portfolio only.
portfolio review: $25 non-refundable. $15 towards material fee of $25.

hmmm...complicated. okay, this is my first draft.

first edit: learn to draw, learn to 'see'. what does the eye really see? how does the eye perceive space? how do we train the hand to follow the eye? learn to see as an artist by learning the common language of visual art: drawing. our journey will be guided by a simple question: what is drawing? informed by an earlier Drawing Center of New York definition circa 1978 "a drawing is anything made on or out of paper".

how am i doing?