Thursday, March 17, 2011

Art Supply Run

helping a painter get together an art set up. i sold my father's table top paintbox to a young cook/painter, without wheels. i will make an art supply run to Art Supply w/s next mon or tuesday.

gloucester artists? need anything from the art supply?

from a facebook conversation:

our local art supply could not compete with the wholesalers and his suppliers had high re-order fees. peeps started buying on line. we don't need all the do dads around here. we just need things like tubes of the basic oils, white, black, gesso. basic bristle brush assortment, drawing supplies, supports, economy sizes/prices would work, cuz this is the stuff artists run out of most. btw: our former art supplier Darryl is great at stretching canvas, he might still do this?

another source tells me that the owners of Tootle Loo(?) (the toy store) are asking for input from artists on what they would like to see supplied.

give them a toot.
tell them debbie sent you.


Kay said...

I love noodling around in an art store..found wonderful ones in could base a whole vacation on visiting art supply stores! Of course I would spend too much money!

Debbie Clarke said...

i loved shopping for art supplies in venice. still have dried pigment for egg tempera that i got near the academia bridge. you can also get the pigments in the local hardware stores there!
good memories.