Sunday, April 11, 2010

Domenic Cretara Part 2

Domenic was my painting teacher at The Art Institute of Boston. I think he is at UC Davis now.  Seeing his work takes me back to the dirty, drafty, studio we worked in.  The students were cold, and the models were freezing.  A lot of my work from those years include the orange glow of the space heater reflected on the model's flesh. 

Today I retrieved more of my old work from storage.  There are a few paintings left from art school, a few drawings.  I continue to weed out my work, or as my daughter reminds me:  "Mom, you have one hell of a portfolio."  she has no idea how much work I have lost track of and thrown away.  Well, maybe she does, as she continues to build her 'life inventory' of artwork.


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