Sunday, April 18, 2010

This morning's class

Color Spot Painting, introductory demo
the colors are a bit florescent in the pic

the demo, started from the cad orange spot on the right. the reds are not as closely related as this pic would have you believe. i have to learn how to edit the colors in photoshop.  another time, and cobalt blue is a deeper value, and the yellows, well...another lesson for this artist.  and is the painting even in focus?  ugh.

and this beauty is a 20 minute color spot painting demo  that i did for a painting class back in '97.  wow, i gotta get back in shape, i used 'fatter' paint then.  the painting is as fresh as it was then.  again some photo issues, but this one is truer than the first two.


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Cape Ann Painter said...

I love that 1997 Painting. The Colors Brushwork.
Thanks for the Lesson