Friday, April 9, 2010

I''m a twit, tweeting on twitter!

and the name is debclarkeglosta.   how many names do i need?  apparently many.  debbie clarke, deb clarke, pbsage (paintbrush sage), another magpie, debclarkeart, elli01930, deb01930....webbie was my first nickname.  given to me my by my babysister linda.  i called her sister until helen said (i was 3, mike had been born) her name is Linda.  Linda!

i find my preponderance to refer to my daughter's father as eb's father, my sisters as sisters, my boys as my boys and a reluctance to name them goes to my choctaw roots.

my grandfather was your father's father.  my uncle your father's brother.  my mother, your fathers wife...and gradually nana introduced georgies father, georgies wife...all buried in the traditions of my grandmother's (my father's mother) roots.

if i were danish i would prounounce my father as fart, my father's father as fart fart, my father's mother as fartmor, my father's father as fartfart and my mother's mother as mortmor and my mother's father as morfart.
say that 10 times fast in the right order.

and in a good world my mothers brothers would have cared for me and my fartmores brothers would have cared for my fartmores sons, but then, i may have never been.

i digress.

debbie, aka deb, pbsage, another magpie, etc.

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