Thursday, April 8, 2010

Refrigerator Magnets, again!

These nifty refrigerator magnet clips are promo samples from my friend Brenda at TipTop Branding!  a handy calculator, and it works!  A night light magnet clip highlights the words "Life Refrigerator".  These bios through the surface of our refrigerator doors are instigated by my good life friend Chan Buck.  She posts regular 1 minute video bios on facebook.  One of her bios is titled "Life bio" and the story unfolds through the items held to her refrigerator door.  I have a lot of stuff on the big black refrigerator box in my kitchen.  When I first saw it my thought was ugh!  Then I quickly recognized the advantage of a black backdrop for colorful stuff, and it works really well as a blackfield to play my artwork against.

you can get your brand name on these nifty items by contacting my friend Brenda Treuhaft at TipTop Branding.  following is the company link, click the tab for company, go to our team and you will find Brenda's smiling face and contact.  when you talk with Brenda, tell her Debbie sent you.

Tip Top Branding


send me pics &/or videos of what's on your fridge and I will be sure to post it here!
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